Faculty Advisors: School of Engineering

This page applies to School of Engineering students/majors only.

Freshmen/Sophomores — find your professional advisor in CASAS.

Juniors/Seniors — In addition to meeting with your professional advisor, our faculty members are available for questions concerning your classes, career field, and future plans. Please refer to the degree programs below for your current faculty advisor. 

Applied Internet Technologies (B.S.)

A - Z

  • Dr. Jerry Westfall
    DH 3410 Z

Computer Engineering (B.S.)

A - Z

  • Dr. Feng Wang
    DH 3410 R

Computer Science (B.S.)

A - C

  • Dr. James Jones
    DH 3410 K

D - H

  • Dr. Melesa Poole 
    DH 3410 G

I - Me

  • Dr. Mark Shaneck
    DH 3410 X


  • Prof. Terri Sipantzi
    DH 3410 J

Sd - Z

  • Dr. Bob Tucker
    DH 3410 H

Electrical Engineering (B.S.)

A - I

  • Dr. Kyung Bae
    DH 3410 S

J- R

  • Prof. Michael Maiuzzo
    DH 3410 N

S - Z

  • Dr. Robert Melendy
    DH 3410 U

Industrial and Systems Engineering (B.S.)

A - M

  • Prof. Robert Rich
    DH 3410 M

N - Z

  • Dr. Andy Myoungsoo Ham
    DH 3410 L

Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)

A - M

  • Dr. Hector Medina
    DH 3410 Q

N - Z

  • Dr. Thomas Eldredge
    DH 3410 Q


DH = DeMoss Hall