Faculty Advisors: Psychology

This page applies to Psychology students/majors only.

Freshmen/Sophomores — find your professional advisor in CASAS.

Juniors/Seniors — Do you have questions about your classes, career field or future? You may email the professor of your choice from the listing below to set up an appointment.

Advisor List


Area of Interest



Dr. Tim Barclay Counseling, Criminal, & Developmental 592-3963 DH 4008 P
Dr. Kevin Conner Counseling, Integration, & Marriage and Family 592-6285 DH 4008 A
Dr. Fabio Freyre Counseling & Sociology 592-4067 DH 4008 L
Dr. Brianne Friberg Developmental, Research, & Sports 592-4065 DH 4008 H
Mrs. Christine Fulmer Social Work 592-7665 DH 4008 Q
Dr. Marilyn Gadomski Developmental & Counseling 592-4036 DH 4008 J
Dr. Dan Logan Counseling, Substance Abuse, & Crisis 592-4068 DH 4008 U
Dr. Chad Magnuson Integration, Developmental & Research 592-4072 DH 4008 G
Dr. William Scott Counseling 592-4036 DH 4008 F
Dr. Beth Sites Counseling & Human Services 592-4063 DH 4008 N
Dr. Carrie Wilmouth Developmental & Neurobiology 592-3462 DH 4008 T
Dr. Benjamin Wood Industrial Organization   DH 4008 M