The Hill

The Hill (Residence Halls M17-M23), which offers traditional residence halls, is the most conveniently located halls on Liberty’s campus, and is also known to cultivate strong community. Geographically, residence halls on the Hill offer an oasis for students that is close to campus life, maintaining its solitude while also being the most central location on campus. The Hill is within a five-minute walk to most campus locations: DeMoss Hall, the Montview Student Union, the Bookstore, the bridge to DeMoss Hall, the Jerry Falwell Library, Freedom Tower, the School of Music, the Prayer Chapel, the Hancock Welcome Center, the Science Hall, the Food Court at Reber-Thomas Dining Hall, Williams Football Stadium, and other athletic venues. Not only is the Hill at the heart of campus, it also boasts the largest rooms on campus, providing significant space for a comfortable living environment. Conveniently, laundry facilities are located in M20 and mailbox kiosk locations are in M17.

Each unit includes:

Other Attractions

Cost (2017 - 2018)

  • 3 person bedroom
  • 2 Community bathrooms
  • 215 square feet per room
  • Community spaces
  • Room Layout
  • 3-Person Room:
    $3,380 per semester