Certifications Available

Schedule a certification exam by contacting the Training Education Center. Don't see a certification that you're looking for on this page? Send us a message and we'll look to see if it's offered through one of our testing companies. 

Training Education Center Location: Green Hall 1553

*All prices are subject to change.

The Training Education Center and Academic Success Center are separate proctors and are not related. If you are testing with the Academic Success Center, please go to Religion Hall 119 or call (434) 582-2408 if you have questions. 



Adobe             Autodesk             IC3             Intuit             Microsoft


Adobe Creative Cloud

  Certification Public LU Student LU Employee
  CC Photoshop $95 $85.50 $60.68
  CC Indesign $95 $85.50 $60.68
  CC Illustrator $95 $85.50 $60.68


  Certification Public LU Student LU Employee
  Autodesk Certified User (ACU) $88.75 $79.88 $60.75

IC3 Digital Literacy

  Certification Public LU Student LU Employee
  IC3 Digital Literacy Cert. $53.03 $53.03 $25.03


  Certification Public LU Student LU Employee
  QuickBooks Certified User (QCU) $127 $114.30 $99


  Microsoft Office Certifications Public LU Student LU Employee
  Word $100 $90 $72
  Excel $100 $90 $72
  PowerPoint $100 $90 $72
  Outlook $100 $90 $72
  Access $100 $90 $72
  Operating System Certifications      
  Microsoft Windows 7 $150    
  Technical Certifications      
  Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) $78.75    
  Complete list of Microsoft trainings      

ACSM             Cisco             CompTIA             GED             VCLA

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

  Certification     Price
  ITIL     $223 

Project Management Institute (PMI)

  Certification   Non-Members Members
  Certified Assoc. in Project Management   $300 $225