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Individualized Studies

Final Research Paper

Students pursuing an Individualized Program of Study will need to complete a final essay (10 page min) synthesizing both cognates with a view to career application and Christian worldview.  The essay will be evaluated by:

Liberty University Writing Rubric
Individualized Studies Final Essay Integration Rubric

  • The LU Research Rubric for Written Communication
  • The Integration Rubric specific to the IPS program
  • Specific parameters for the paper
  • Essay form (Introduction, Body, Conclusion)
  • Writing style preferred by your favored cognate department (APA, Turabian, MLA, etc.) may be used; this, then, is a requirement that you use referenced notes in your paper - at least six sources needed.
  • Specific classes/lectures can be indicated and referenced
  • Include conclusions you have reached about how you can use both of your cognates/disciplines in your future endeavors, ultimately verifying the worthiness of your Individualized Studies degree as synthesized through your Christian worldview.
  • Minimum ten pages-maximum twenty pages
  • Present three complete paper copies to Director's office (GH 2668)
  • Cover sheet. . . .


ID #

Individualized Studies, BA/BS

Cognates:  ____________________


FINAL PAPER DUE DATES:  OCTOBER 15/FEBRUARY 15 (depending on your graduation semester)