B.S. in Business Administration

Liberty University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Finance program will help you master financial skills critical for the business world. You will study financial analysis, investment strategy, the stock market, and banking skills that are necessary to work effectively in the financial industry. You will develop skills pertinent to the fields of general business, accounting, economics and marketing in both the domestic and international marketplace. Courses will prepare you to serve effectively as an expert in the modern business world, integrating faith with learning in a professional atmosphere.

Academic Program

In addition to the required core classes on the degree completion plan, each student is required to complete various core classes that specialize in finance.

Finance: Core Classes

  • Money and the Financial System: BUSI 321
  • Managerial Accounting:BUSI 322
  • Investments: BUSI 420
  • BUSI 405, 422 or 410
  • Capstone: Economics and Finance: BUSI 491

Degree Completion Plan

Degree Completion Plans are found on the CASAS web pages.

Career Opportunities


  • Financial Analysts
  • Investment Banker
  • Management Consultant
  • Loan Officer
  • Real Estate Agent/Broker
  • Securities Analyst
  • Entrepreneur

Advising Information

Contact a Professor - Finance
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