Educator Releases GUIDE for Reaching Diverse Student Groups

June 12, 2012: Liberty University Press

Liberty University Press released GUIDE to Differentiated Instruction for Christian Educators; a teacher’s manual for reaching goals through catering to the needs of his or her unique students.

Author Beth Ackerman’s experience in education revealed the challenges that teachers face each day. Over and over, she recognized that students with varying learning capabilities, preferences and interests cannot be reached in the same way.

Her answer to the challenge at hand: differentiated instruction. GUIDE to Differentiated Instruction for Christian Educators addresses how teachers can adapt teaching methods to each individual student, allowing a greater chance for both student and administrative success. A Christian author, Ackerman also explains how the Great Commission and teaching are unified through differentiated instruction. She emphasizes that teachers need to reach all students, including diverse and struggling learners.

With standardized testing becoming a key focus in the American education system, teachers face more challenges than ever. Several parties often determine classroom goals and objectives. For Ackerman, differentiated instruction has proven effective for zeroing in on specific needs and serving each student individually.

Ackerman has served in a variety of classroom roles including grade school teacher, principal, professor, and now associate dean of Liberty University’s School of Education.

Liberty University, located in Lynchburg, Va., is the world’s largest Christian university. Over 100,000 students attend classes on its over 7,000-acre residential campus and study in its thriving online education program.

GUIDE to Differentiated Instruction for Christian Educators is now available at the Liberty University Bookstore and through and