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Faith Learning Integration at Liberty University

FLI Gallery

Faith Learning Integration (FLI)can be found in all classrooms and across all disciplines at Liberty University. 

Visit our FLI GALLERY of successful examples of Faith Learning Integration.


FLI Brown Bag Lunch Series

The center has planned a series of brown bag luncheons centered on the topic of faith learning integration.  The format resembles that of a roundtable discussion with audience input and participation.  Upcoming sessions include:

  • Oct. 29:  Dr. Harold Willmington
  • Nov. 19:  Dr. Bruce Bell
  • Feb. 25:  Linda Nell Cooper
  • Mar. 4:  Dr. Vernon Whaley

All brown bag luncheons are held from 11 a.m. – noon in the CTE training classroom, DeMoss 3032.  The term brown bag suggests that faculty bring their own lunch (CTE provides drinks and snacks).  To make the luncheons more conducive to quality discussion, seating is limited.  Sign-up in the Pro Dev Portal (CTE tab).


CTE Lending Library

The CTE has several books on faith learning integration in its lending library for faculty to borrow.  Stop by and pick up a copy.

The seamless integration of faith and academics is a critical component of an excellent, well-rounded education from a Biblical Worldview.  The integration of faith and learning entails more than including a Bible verse at the beginning of a lecture, having a devotional, or praying with a class.  While all of these components are important to a Christian classroom, full integration advances this approach to include the critical examination of academic content through the lens of a Christian student.  Faith Learning Integration identifies how God's brilliant design is found across all disciplines and how its identification helps reveal the very nature of God, man, creation, purpose, redemption, salvation, and order.  Faith Learning Integration is a necessary ingredient of a student's search for truth, reason, and morality, as well as the student's academic, social, and spiritual development.

To learn more about Liberty University's position, please read Liberty University's Doctrinal Statement, Philosophy on Education, and Mission and Purpose.

Faith Learning Integration Resources

There are a myriad of institutions, organizations, journals, books, and resources available to help guide the integration of faith and learning.

Centers and Institutes

Journals and Reviews


Recommended Books

  • Benne, R. (2001). Quality with Soul: How Six Premier Christian Colleges and Universities Keep Faith with their Religious Traditions. Eerdmans.
  • Burtcaeli, J. T. (1998). The Dying of the Light: The Disengagement of Colleges and Universities from their Christian Churches. Eerdmans.
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Other Resources

Faith Integration Gallery

Please visit our FLI GALLERY to view successful examples of Faith Learning Integration.