Program Information

The B.S. in Cinematic Arts is a two-year cohort program that students enter in their junior year. Students who have completed the CORE classes* and who will have reached junior status as of the fall they plan on entering the program can apply for admission to the program. 

See the degree completion plan for both a major and minor in Cinematic Arts.


To apply for the degree program (B.S. in Cinematic Arts) students must declare Cinematic Arts as their major upon applying to Liberty University.  Formal application to the Cinematic Arts program may be made during a student's sophomore year.  In their application to the Cinematic Arts program, each student must provide*:

  • A completed Application for Admission
  • One letter of recommendation from any of the following:
    • University instructor or staff member
    • Past or present employer
    • Liberty University Resident Assistant
  • Essay/pitch (1,000 words) telling the story of a film you want to make
  • Oral interview (setup by Cinema Staff upon review of application)


  • Unofficial university transcripts that provide proof of completion of the General Education classes and CINE CORE classes

Students are highly encouraged to turn in their application for the program a year before they plan on entering. They will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is highly advisable for prospective students to forward their application materials as soon as possible.  All application materials must be uploaded to the Cinematic Arts Online Application. 

After the application is reviewed, students will be contacted and scheduled for an interview.  (This interview is a character interview to ensure the student is aware of the expectations and requirements of the program.)  Following the interview, students will be notified of their acceptance status into the program.  If accepted, students will then be advised of the next steps for registration.

*Liberty students may access unofficial university transcripts via ASIST. The CORE classes are CINE 201, 202 and 203 (Screenwriting, Motion Picture Directing and Cinematography and Sound Design, respectively).
*Films, DVDs or videotapes will not be accepted with applications.

Program Fees

  • $1,000 per year cinema production fee (for two cohort years)

Students will be responsible for the costs associated with their film productions.  This can be as little as a few hundred dollars depending on students' self-imposed limits.

Tangible Takeaways

Graduates of Liberty University’s Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center will be able to walk out of the Cinema program and walk into employment on the largest Hollywood production without missing a beat.  They will have been trained using industry standard equipment from “Red” camera packages to Avid edit bays, to ProTools and THX certified surround sound mixing experience. Not only will graduates know how to make a movie, but will know how to make a living doing it.

Most importantly, graduates graduate with the know how to make their own movies and bring them to a global market.  Graduates will be grounded in great storytelling techniques. Tangibly, students will graduate with a:

  • short film they wrote and directed
  • completed and polished feature length screenplay
  • business plan for their feature length screenplay
  • a reel of their own work
  • IMDB credit on a high end production