Health Promotion (B.S.)

Health Promotion (B.S.)

This degree is only available to students who declared their major prior to Fall 2016. 

Health Promotion is an exciting career choice because it holds such a wide variety of options for those interested in allied health, wellness, and disease prevention.

Our CHES concentration (Certified Health Education Specialist) prepares students to take a national certifying exam allowing them to incorporate skills in assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of health programming, communicating, coordinating, advocating and providing resources for both individual and community health-related change. Work sites include communities private businesses and non-profit organizations, among others.

Our clinical concentration prepares students for entrance to medical, dental, physician assistant, occupational therapy and other health-related graduate schools, with an emphasis on prevention.

Degree Offerings

Career Opportunities

State/local health departments
Corporate employee wellness programs
Hospital community outreach health education
Voluntary agencies
Pharmaceutical or medical instrument sales

Medicine - M.D. and D.O.
Occupational and/or physical therapy
Physician's Assistant
Other clinical fields