2012-2013 Course Fees - Residential

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fees (additions or deletions) are subject to change depending on approvals or decisions of the Administration.  Courses added later to the schedule may change the list.

Also, please note Graduate/Doctoral Intensives held on campus are charged a $25.00 intensive fee. Some of the intensives may not appear in the list below because they are classified as Liberty University Online intensives, however the $25.00 is still applicable.


Choose a subject below to view the fees for each area:

ACCT (Accounting)

ALOM (Adventure Leadership & Outdoor Min.)

ARTS (Studio & Digital Arts)

ATTR (Athletic Training)

AVIA  (Aeronautics/Aviation)

BIOL  (Biology)

BMIS  (Business Management Information Systems)

BUSI   (Business)

CARP  (Carpentry)

CHEM  (Chemistry)

CINE   (Cinematic Arts)

CLST   (College Learning Strategies)

COMS  (Communications)

CRFT   (Core Craft Skills)

CSCI   (Computer Science)

EDUC  (Education)

ELIL    (English Language Institute)

ELTC   (Electrical)

EXSC   (Exercise Science)

FACS   (Family & Consumer Sciences)

GRST   (Graduate Studies)

HLTH   (Health Sciences)

HVAC  (Heating, Ventilation, Air Cond.)

INFT    (Information Technology)

KINE    (Kinesiology)

MASN   (Masonry)

MATH   (Mathematics)

MUSC   (Music & Humanities)

NURS   (Nursing)

PHSC    (Physical Science)

PHYS    (Physics)

PLED    (Pastoral Leadership)

PLMB    (Plumbing)

PSYC    (Psychology)

SMGT   (Sport Management)

THEO   (Theology)

WELD   (Welding)

WRSP   (Worship & Music Studies)