The Answer to your "Why"

March 27, 2012: Liberty University Press

Liberty University professors John Thomas and Gary Habermas have combined their wisdom and years of experience to create a book that answers life’s most formidable questions during its darkest hours: Why me? Why this? Why now?

With tragedy constantly creasing the lines of newspapers, Enduring Your Season of Suffering offers hope and practical steps to soften the pain and increase joy in people’s lives.

Dr. Thomas’ background in counseling and Dr. Habermas’ research in ministry and personal suffering created the perfect duo for writing this book. Enduring Your Season of Suffering explains why there is suffering in the world and ways to help yourself and others through suffering.

“We have also experienced our own personal tragedies and guided many others through various difficulties,” said Thomas. “Our lived experience and professional work has allowed us to develop a sort of road map to make it through pain and emerge stronger, wiser and a more complete person than before.” 

The authors support their points through real-life anecdotes, extensive research, and sound biblical truths.  

Enduring Your Season of Suffering is available for purchase on and Look for the eBook soon!

About the Authors

Dr. John Thomas provides counseling services through Wyndhurst Counseling Center in Lynchburg, Va. Thomas is a licensed professional counselor (LPC), certified substance abuse counselor (CSAC), and certified employee assistance consultant (CEAP).  Thomas is an Associate Professor with the Center for Counseling and Family Studies and Liberty University. His personal website is


His co-author, Dr. Gary Habermas, is a popular speaker and author, co-author or editor of 36 books. He specializes in religious doubt, personal suffering, Jesus’ resurrection, and near-death experiences. Habermas is a distinguished research professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Liberty University. In recent years, he has been a visiting or adjunct professor at 15 different graduate schools and seminaries in the United States and abroad. His personal website is