Homer H. Blass

Associate Professor of History

Office: DeMoss Hall 4004L
Phone: (434) 592-4039
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  • Ph.D., University of Missouri at Columbia
  • Post Graduate Work, United States Military Academy, West Point
  • MA, University of Illinois at Urbana
  • BA, Tulsa University

Courses Taught Regularly

  • HIUS 221, Survey of American History I
  • HIEU 460, Modern England
  • HITW 441, Modern Islamic Civilization
  • HIUS 370, American Foreign Relations Since 1776

Homer Blass came to Liberty in the fall semester of 1983 and has taught here since. He earned a BA in history from the University of Tulsa in 1962, an MA in history from the University of Illinois—Urbana in 1966, and a Ph.D. in history from the University of Missouri—Columbia in 1981. From 1966 to 1983, he taught history at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri.

His father was a printer, and his mother a Baptist Sunday School teacher, so he was raised with exposure to books, newspapers, and Bible stories. By Junior High, he started a book collection of his own and reading and book collecting remain his favorite activities. Since he was born in 1940 and grew up hearing stories from many uncles and nephews on their World War II service, he started with reading more about the war and that grew into a general interest in Military History in the modern period. Extensive reading in C. S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower series centered that interest in the Royal Navy. His Masters Thesis was a study of two Anglo-German naval battles in 1914. Today, he has about 20,000 to 30,000 volumes in a personal library.

At Liberty he has taught courses in several related areas, including American History I and II; Modern Russia; Modern Germany; Modern Middle East; British Empire; American Diplomacy; and American Military History. In 1985 he attended a summer workshop at West Point on teaching military history to undergraduates. His publications include a study on Presidential decision making processes in Vietnam, a series of biographical entries on Turkish leaders for Gale Research, a series of biographical entries on Twentieth Century American military figures for other reference sets, as well as a series of topics on matters such as carrier doctrine for the same volumes. He did a biographical study of Civil War protestors in a freshman history reader and does some book reviews on Civil War items and Christian publications about war and international relations issues.

He sometimes provides historical programs for Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy meetings, has chaired topics in the Great Debates series for the local library and YMCA on the contemporary middle east or other former parts of the British Empire, and has been part of the programs for the last several years in the Liberty University Civil War Seminars. An interest in the Royal Navy has led to an interest in Star Trek, and he has done a modular course on Star Trek applying International Relations theory. He also enjoys mystery stories, poetry, and even writes a little of the latter.

He is married to Linda, a former student from Bolivar. They have been married since 1975 and have one son, Scott, now 31 and a part-time Liberty student. Scott is on full time home hemo kidney dialysis. Linda is also a book collector and he assists her on Sundays at Thomas Road Baptist Church where she teaches a 2nd grade Sunday School class. Linda has retired to become Scott's full time care giver.  Since she is from western Missouri, and he from eastern Kansas, they like jokingly to call each other “Jayhawkers” and “Border Ruffians.”