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Liberty University: Here to serve - Hotel magnate Horst Schulze addresses employees

Fall 2012 : Liberty University News Service

Liberty University’s commitment to serving others is far-reaching — from the new “You Matter” initiative encouraging employees to provide superb customer service, to taking care of a community when disaster strikes, to building a preschool in Rwanda. Following the biblical example of being Christ’s witnesses “in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth,” Liberty is reaching out, making an impact near and far. Here are some of those stories.

Hotel magnate Horst Schulze addresses employees

Horst Schulze, who spoke in Convocation last year, returned to Liberty University as the guest speaker at an event that recast the vision of the “You Matter” campaign for more than 2,000 faculty and staff on June 19.

Schulze, founder and CEO of the Capella Hotel Group, came to the United States from Germany in 1965 and worked for the Hyatt and Hilton hotel groups before becoming COO of Ritz-Carlton in 1988. A legend in the hotel business, Schulze is a leading speaker in the area of customer service.

Schulze shared with employees the three principles he espouses in his ventures with Capella: have a vision, be committed to that vision, and implement the steps it takes to get there.

“You don’t go to work to go to work,” Schulze said. “You go to work to create excellence.” He focused on three things a customer  expects from products or services they purchase: quality (free of defects), timely service, and caring service. He spoke on making the customer feel important at first contact.

“You (Liberty University) are in the business to give people value, to go out and change the world,” Schulze said.

He travels 200 days a year, and said that he sees Liberty as a “light” in America.

“Do not let your light go out,” Schulze said. “You are a light to everyone that you come in contact with, so make sure that you do not dim your light and make sure you value everyone.”

  • View a video of Schulze’s talk and learn more about what Liberty faculty and staff are doing to change students’ lives at

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