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Recent Press News

New Book from Liberty University Press Explores the Effectiveness of Online Ministry

August 27, 2014

Innovative ministry leaders Elmer Towns and Todd Mullins tackle the controversial question, “Can online churches fulfill the same role as physical churches?” in their new book, “Online Churches,” from Liberty University Press.

“Online Churches” focuses on the evangelistic potential of utilizing the Internet for online ministry, exploring what it takes to build a viable online church and examining the elements necessary to create a faith community in a virtual neighborhood...


In Latest Book from Liberty University Press, Dr. Elmer Towns Challenges Readers to Take a Leap of ‘Bold Faith’

Feb. 18, 2014

Liberty University Press recently released “Bold Faith” by best-selling author Dr. Elmer L. Towns. “Bold Faith” encourages readers to step out of their comfort zone and start improving their relationship with God through practical techniques of faith. Dr. Towns outlines the processes of developing trust and confidence in God by using examples of faith from both the Bible and well-known ministry leaders. “Bold Faith” is available for Kindle and Nook...

Liberty University Press Publishes Work on Imagery in the Bible

July 11, 2013

Liberty University Press recently published Dr. Sam Hoyt’s “Facing Life’s Greatest Challenges: Compelling Word Pictures from the New Testament that Impact Our Lives Today.” This book examines 13 New Testament word pictures of the Christian life.

Throughout the Bible, analogies are used to depict the Christian life and provide readers with insight on how to deal with everyday challenges such as conflict, self-worth, purity, and materialism. The Bible compares Christians to a variety of pictures, including an athlete, a soldier, and a temple to explain key principles and lessons that teach the godly way of living...


Seminary Professor and Pastor Publishes Book

July 11, 2013

Earlier this month, Liberty University Press published “Why I Believe in Jesus (And Why You Should, Too)” by Peter Hamilton.

Hamilton’s book states the case for believing in Jesus as man’s only hope of eternal salvation. It explains the foundational truths of the Christian faith as revealed in the New Testament, including the virgin birth of Jesus...


The Second Reformation: Baptists in Colonial America

June 7, 2013

Liberty University Press recently released “The Second Reformation: Baptists in Colonial America,” a historical text on the evolution of one of the major American Christian denominations: Baptists. Author Bruce Snavely details the driving forces behind the evolution and growth of American Baptists, while answering the question “Whatever happened to the Christian Reformation which began under Martin Luther?”


Former NFL Football Draft Pick Publishes Book for Teens

June 3, 2013

Dr. Michael Rackley, 2008 Cheyney University Football Hall of Fame inductee and 1988 free agent draft pick for the New Orleans Saints, has just released a new book with Liberty University Press. “We Will Not Bow to Babylon’s Table” addresses the hard-hitting issues facing young people today. The book encourages teens to grow deeper in their faith by becoming more like Jesus Christ so they may combat the temptations they face every day...


“Marriage in Motion,” Applies Biblical Principles to Marriage Problems

May 22, 2013

“Marriage in Motion,” Liberty University Press’ newest book release, offers marriage advice from a counselor who believes that biblical principles can help solve the day-to-day marriage issues couples often face.

Statistics indicate that in today’s society, there is somewhere between a 33 and 50 percent divorce rate in the United States. John Hobbs, a Christian marriage counselor based out of Newnan, Ga., wrote “Marriage in Motion” because he believes couples can conquer their marriage struggles and stay committed to one another...


Children’s Book Follows Girl Around the World

May 16, 2013

Liberty University Press’ new children’s book, “Alone Upon the Sea,” follows the adventures of a small girl as she travels to different places around the globe.

The unnamed small girl packs only a map and sets out to find “something more.” During her travels, which are written in rhyme, the main character discovers new places and learns the meaning of bravery, integrity, independence, as well as the significance of reading...


Inspirational Exposition on Justification and Sanctification Released

May 14, 2013

Liberty University Press released “Portraits of Righteousness,” an inspirational work on key concepts from the Bible. The concepts of justification and sanctification have been at the center of debate among Christian theologians since the beginning of the Reformation. A proper understanding of how justification and sanctification are related to Christianity and each other is essential for any scholar or student of Christianity...


Pastors Release Book on Building Student Leadership

April 2, 2013

Liberty University Press released “EQUIP,” a guide for youth pastors to help build student leaders through biblical, relevant, and practical lessons. Authors Nathan Wilder and Jon Kragel, experienced youth ministers in the central Florida area, wrote “EQUIP” to help pastors learn how to mentor young adults and lead youth into positions as strong Christian leaders.

Throughout the book, twelve sections address key principles, lessons, and aspects of student leadership, such as: the faithfulness of God, seeking a relationship with God, building loving relationships, and developing leader-attributes...


Liberty University Press Publishes Social Media Guide for Professionals and Students

Feb. 02, 2013

“The Savvy Social Media Guide” is written by Stuart Schwartz, a former media and consumer-merchandising corporate executive and a professor at Liberty University. Schwartz provides practical online strategies to grow organizations and careers. He details the effective uses of social media and addresses the questions often asked by students about to enter the marketplace and professionals who want to improve their marketability...


Children’s Book Highlights God-Given Gifts in Adolescents

Jan. 31, 2013

Using poetry, Hervey emphasizes that all youth have talents they can use to assist others. She encourages everyone to appreciate the unique gifts and potential that children have, rather than look at their upbringing or temporary circumstances.

“Every Child is Gifted” is now available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble...


Counselor Publishes Book on Autism

Jan. 1, 2013: Liberty University Press

Liberty University published “Bridge Building: Creating Connection and Relationships Between Parents and Children/Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum” on December 15, 2012. In this book, Dr. Kevin B. Hull offers parents of children with High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome a better understanding of the daily challenges their children face. Additionally, he provides simple instructions and tips to help parents, guardians, or teachers create a better connection with their child...


First Print Poetry Book Released

Dec. 15, 2012: By Arielle Bielicki (Liberty University Press)

Laurie Hraha’s poetry book, “The Sun Between the Trees,” was recently released by Liberty University Press. The book offers a glimpse into Hraha’s faith journey and the difficulty of sharing that faith with others.

Liberty University Press publishes all genres of Christian literature, but “The Sun Between the Trees” is the first print poetry book released by the company. Hraha's poems explore her deepest thoughts and feelings about her life as a Christian woman...


Hawaiian Author Writes Children’s Book

Nov. 19, 2012; Liberty University Press

"God, the World, and I" was published by Liberty University Press earlier this month.  Books from all over the continental United States bear the Liberty University Press stamp, and now a new book from Hawaii will as well. "Crystal Castillo, author of “God, the World, and I,” is the first writer from the Central Pacific to have her book printed by the emerging publishing company...


Bruno Writes Creative Christmas Story

Nov. 12, 2012; Liberty University Press

Liberty University Press recently released "Paranormal Santa" by Frank Bruno (idea by Brett Sergua).

As a child, Brett Seruga enjoyed hearing fictional stories about mystical and unique folktales. His uncle, Frank Bruno, was inspired by Seruga’s favorite childhood myths to write and illustrate “Paranormal Santa,” a Christmas tale with a twist...


"Belteshazzar-The Paladin Promise" Released

Nov. 11, 2012; Liberty University Press

Liberty University Press released, “Belteshazzar-The Paladin Promise," a historical fiction novel for adults. This work combines history from the Bible and research from six secular historians to accurately portray the culture and events from the first through the ninth century. Both biblical and non-biblical relationships with God are captured within the text and the ability to retain personal faith in the midst of complete opposition is a central theme...


 "Mastering English Vocabulary Foundations" released

September 28, 2012; Liberty University Press

Liberty University Press is proud to announce the release of “Mastering English Vocabulary Foundations” by Liberty faculty member Barbara Sherman.

For centuries, people have studied the English language and its derivations.  The English language has been influenced and adapted by numerous cultures, vernaculars, and belief systems, such as Greek, Latin, French, and mythology.  This resulted in the formation of more than one million words.  Yet, many people are unfamiliar with the depth of vocabulary available to them...


Liberty University Press Releases Interactive Daily Bible Curriculum

September 19, 2012: By Arielle Bielicki

Liberty University Press recently released “Follow Me,” interactive Bible curriculum lessons for 4th-8th graders. Author Adrie Johnson aims to steer young people toward becoming responsible adults who love God and others. “Follow Me” educates young people on their role in the body of Christ and how to stand out for God’s glory in the current culture. Through uplifting biblical truths, Johnson motivates and challenges readers to focus their attention on God while keeping Him first in their lives...


Communication Professors Create Compilation of Instructional Tactics

Aug. 6, 2012

Did you know that students remember 50 percent of what they see and hear, but 90 percent of what they do? Active learning is a critical approach to education, and Teaching Communication Creatively provides more than 30 lesson plans to help teachers can tap into this concept.

Drs. Faith and William Mullen teach an array of graduate and undergraduate communication courses at Liberty University. They understand the difficulty of crafting an interactive learning experience in the classroom...


Educator Releases GUIDE for Reaching Diverse Student Groups

June  12, 2012: Liberty University Press

Liberty University Press released GUIDE to Differentiated Instruction for Christian Educators; a teacher’s manual for reaching goals through catering to the needs of his or her unique students. Author Beth Ackerman’s experience in education revealed the challenges that teachers face each day. Over and over, she recognized that students with varying learning capabilities, preferences and interests cannot be reached in the same way...


Liberty University Press Author Interviewed on C-SPAN

April 25, 2012; Liberty University Press

Liberty University Press author Ron Miller was recently interviewed about his book “Sellout: Musings From Uncle Tom’s Porch” on C-Span’s Book TV.

Ron Miller is an associate dean and assistant professor of government at Liberty University. His C-Span interview about “Sellout” hit on the common misconceptions made of the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” and how Miller believes it is important to speak openly and honestly on race, whether or not it will resonate with what the audience wants to hear. Miller said he was inspired to challenge his own family’s political views after entering college and realizing that his family’s moral values did not line up with their political allegiances...


Listen Your Way to a Better Relationship

April 2, 2012: Liberty University Press

Occupy Wall Street and National Basketball Association labor  negotiations are perfect examples of all talk and little listening, at least not real listening, in today’s society. What if these problems could be solved through changing the way people listen?

Dr. John Brunstetter, author of the new release It Only Hurts When I Listen, suggests “radical servant listening” would revolutionize our society, home and the workplace...


The Answer to your "Why"

March 27, 2012: Liberty University Press

Liberty University professors John Thomas and Gary Habermas have combined their wisdom and years of experience to create a book that answers life’s most formidable questions during its darkest hours: Why me? Why this? Why now?

With tragedy constantly creasing the lines of newspapers, Enduring Your Season of Suffering offers hope and practical steps to soften the pain and increase joy in people’s lives...


Five Things You Must Do Before You Publish

By Sarah Funderburke, Liberty University Press Manager

Writing and publishing a book is a goal that you can achieve with the right tools. In order to prepare your manuscript for submission to a publishing house you need to carefully review five elements of your book before shipping it off in the mail (or from your email)...


Luke’s, Han’s and Chewy’s Search for Truth

 February 27, 2012: Liberty University Press

Terry Barnes novel “Whispered to the Heart” captivates readers
who find themselves sharing the world of a ten-year-old with its
laughter, tears and all-to-real, ageless questions. 

Inspired in part by a true event, “Whispered to the Heart” chronicles
the spiritual journey of a ten-year-old boy named Luke as he struggles
with the concept of father figures and longs for an encounter with the
living God. Through this struggle he learns that the journey of faith is
more important than a specific answer to prayer...



Liberty University Professor Publishes “Experiencing Jesus’ Joy”

Liberty University Press proudly announces the release of “Experiencing Jesus’ Joy” by Liberty professor James B. Joseph.

“Brother James” invites both new and seasoned believers to join him in developing a deeper, more satisfactory relationship with Jesus...


Read for Your Health

Feeling stressed from school? Find your cure in a good book. National Reading Day on January 23 reminds us that reading books has proven to relieve stress, boost memory, and make a happier you...


Alumni Discount Now Available

Students who have attended Liberty University for at least one year are now eligible for an Alumni Discount on Liberty University Press publishing services. This special discount takes $300 off the base publishing price for any popular press book, including novels, children’s books, cookbooks and more...


Liberty University Press Establishes Partnership with iTunes

Liberty University Press has signed an agreement with Apple and can now distribute Ebooks through iTunes. Liberty Press previously distributed Ebooks through the Kindle and Nook platforms; and the iTunes platform addition will now allow authors to cater to individuals owning an iPad and other Apple products...


First Children’s Book Release: “Sparky’s ABC Adventure”

Liberty University Press released its first children’s publication, “Sparky’s ABC Adventure,” during Liberty University’s 2011 Homecoming weekend...


Forystek Speaks at Women's Retreat

Julia Forystek a co-author of the Wild Workout Beautyflex: Bring out the animal in you was the main speaker at the ‘Beautiful You’ Women’s Retreat early this October...


"The Distance" Released by Liberty University Press

Have you ever watched those crazy people on TV as they compete in an Ironman Triathlon and wondered if you could do that?...


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