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Student Experiences

Rome, Italy

Read about the experiences of 11 Liberty University students in Rome, Italy who participated in a faculty-led study tour.

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“I can talk about Martin Luther going to Rome and climbing a set of steps on his knees (the same steps Jesus walked up in Pilate’s house) — I can talk about that in class and it’s a really dramatic story. He prays on every step. … But then to take the students to those steps and to see they’re still filled with people going up the steps to this day, on their knees, and saying a prayer, and to talk through it while they’re there, and show how it’s still important in Roman Catholic lore to today, it’s a completely different experience than talking about it in class.” ~ Dr. Mann, Professor of History

"Finishing up my master’s degree over there was wonderful; it was a culmination of everything I’ve studied. My highlight was going and seeing where history actually took place. … You’re living in a city thousands and thousands of years old and it doesn’t quite click until you’re there."

~ Amber, Class of 2011

Cheltenham, England

"Studying abroad has been an adventure of a lifetime. I cannot begin to explain how much I have learned, heard, seen, tasted, and experienced during my time overseas, and it is something that I would never take back. This has been the most unique opportunity I have ever been given and I am so thankful that I stepped out, took a chance, and came to England. I have been personally grown and challenged in so many ways, and I hope to come back to America with a whole new outlook on life; implementing all the lessons I have learned.”

~ Cherish, Class of 2014
Major: Communications - Advertising & PR

Oxford, United Kingdom

"Oxford is like no other academic city in the world.  It is more than just a classroom experience it is about rubbing shoulders over coffee and food with some of the world’s brightest and most promising minds.  There are many wonderful places to experience living abroad in a foreign culture, but nowhere is the experience even close to Oxford.  Oxford puts the word “study” in study abroad."

"The tutorial is the quintessential Oxford education.  Reading aloud an essay held with a shaking sweating hand to a brilliant tutor is not something that is easily forgotten. A tutor sits and listens to what I have say and forces me to think and defend in a way no classroom can ever facilitate.  It is about more than learning, it is about thinking and examining one’s beliefs."

~ Peter, Class of 2012

Kigali, Rwanda

Read about our current efforts in Rwanda as we send students on academic service learning study tours to learn more about the nation and how they can help as a Champion for Christ. Read recent news article

"Having the opportunity to learn at Liberty University then actually practice what we've learned in an international setting is an amazing experience. The people of Rwanda have gone through a lot and Liberty has been able to form relationships with villages that leave a lasting impact. During our time in Rwanda we were living out our faith and using the skills we learned in the classroom."

~ Kevin, Class of 2012

Brussels, Belgium

“My study abroad experience has been truly one of the best times of my life. I dreamed about studying in another country since I can remember and I was finally able to do just that. Living in another culture, meeting new people and being able to travel to places you have always heard about and experience it for yourself. These are just a few things that truly make the study abroad experience remarkable in that you learn so much without even knowing it. It could be through having one of many conversations with a new friend that grow up in another country and sees the world differently than you. It could also be the fact that you are going to new places and learning about the history, the culture and the people. In any case the study abroad experience is more than just going to school in another country; it’s a new perspective on life and the world.”

~ Adam, Class of 2013
Major: International Business