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The President's Circle

President's Circle

Jerry Falwell Jr. and wife Becki Falwell with Students
President Jerry Falwell and wife Becki with students


2011 President's Circle

2012 President's Circle

2013 President's Circle



What is the President's Circle?

Over 40 years ago, Liberty was just an idea in one man’s mind.  Jerry Falwell, Sr. cast the vision God had given him of Training Champions for Christ and faithful supporters joined him in making that dream a reality. 

President Jerry Falwell has issued the call to renew the university’s vision and enter an exciting new era. 

“After 40 years of educating young champions to impact the world for Christ, our mission remains the same.  Liberty University, however, is now poised to carry out that mission in unparalleled ways.  We will continue to expand our superb facilities and enrich our student life opportunities, while maintaining an unfaltering commitment to inspiring Christian commitment, faith in action and community service among our students, faculty and staff.”

Liberty is a world class university impacting the culture for the cause of Christ.  This has been made possible because of generous contributors who are champions themselves. 

Champions give of themselves and their resources and Liberty celebrates this partnership.  The President’s Circle is a listing of those whose giving to Liberty University qualifies for one of the following categories. If we have omitted, misspelled, or misplaced your name, please accept our apologies and notify our office by calling toll free (866) 602-7983.


2014 President's Circle - Jan. 1 - May 31

  • Wesley E Olson*
  • Individual Donors

    H. Glenn & Rachael Esbenshade
    Lucile Roby*
    Vela L. Gwin


    A. L. Williams Jr. Family Foundation, Inc.


  • Individual Donors

    Beatrice Dickinson*
    Barbara W. Lastella

  • Individual Donors

    Elouise Allen
    Melvin W. Buster*
    Barry & Pam Clarkson
    Leslie F. Hildreth
    Robert W Kreke*
    Hugo Fred Roberts
    Mr. & Mrs. Pete Vann
    Warren & Catherine Bridges
  • Individual Donors

    Margaret Ashman*
    Neal & Anita Askew
    Worth Harris Carter, Jr
    Greg & Dottie Clendenin
    Gayle & Turner Gill
    Cline & Beverly Hall
    Mary C. Landon-Peterson
    Jon & Margie Lienemann
    Ronnie & Sherri Martin
    Gene & Joyce Myers
    Elaine Peterson*
    Earl Lloyd Redding



    American Bible Society
    Geico Philanthropic Foundation
    National Philanthropic Trust
    Runk & Pratt
  • Individual Donors

    Elizabeth W. Boggs
    Lea Boumenot
    Douglas F. Diedrichsen
    Virginia Ecker
    Connie L. Elsaesser
    Fred & Barbara Ann Engstrom
    Joseph A. Furry
    Ruth A. Gardiner
    Bonnie J. Holloway
    Dennis J. Hoshiko
    Brian P. Natzke
    Mary Sue Orr
    Gary G. Pearson
    Jim & Patsy Sanders
    Floyd W. Smith*
    Bo & Kipplyn Summers
    Roy Unsin*


    Byron Financial, LLC
    Mabry Automotive Group
    Timberland Mulch & Tree Farm, Inc.
    ZMJ, L.L.C.
  • Individual Donors

    Dr. & Mrs. Gregg R. Albers
    Georgiana L. Arakaki
    Tim & Kathy Baldree
    Jimmy Jack & LaJean Beale
    David & Kristal Bechtold
    David & Pamela Bell
    Thomas W. Brake
    Beth A. Brown
    William & Dorothy Brown
    Benny & Kathy Cunningham-Cunningham Brothers Used Auto Parts
    Leora E. Daniel*
    Robert & Christina Day
    Steve Deffinger
    Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Delisle
    Gregory D. Donmoyer
    Jim & Brenda Dowd
    Ruth I. Dunlap
    Burt & Geraldine Dyson
    Olive M. Eckmann*
    Monty G. Fritts
    Nancy Good
    Rebecca S. Gordon
    John D. Grimm
    Joel & Theresa Hesch
    Brynne W. Hubbard
    Stephanie M. Jones
    Ira Stephen Kennedy
    Hannah A. Lackey
    B. A. Langley
    Jon & Sissie Lenzen
    Elaine M. McCormick
    Ryan C. Miller
    William & Beverly Mock
    J. Arthur Moore*
    John Nagel
    Jimmy & Denise O'Grady
    Dan & Robin Perritt
    Craig & Cindy Petry
    Bob Pinto & Dot Richardson
    Morris J. Reddout
    Edward & Karin Renner
    Darin Riggins
    Roger A. Schmidt
    Adam L. Short
    Peter & Victoria Sorensen
    Charles Starbuck*
    Pauline & Oliver Swartz*
    Martin Taormina
    Helen Toulantis
    David & Carolyn Towles
    Vicky Varghese
    Scott E. Wheeler
    Sonny & Sharon White
    Amanda Wolf
    Paul N. Young


    A. J. Blosenski, Inc.
    Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Inc.
    Colonial Heights Baptist Church
    Keith & Amy Warman-Computer Resource Team, Inc.
    Cottle Mulit-Media, Inc.
    Donelson Free Will Baptist Church
    Van Boxel & Barnes Charitable Fund
    First Med, Inc.
    Foundation for Hope, Inc.
    James Larry Ingram
    Illinois Tool Works Foundation
    Impact Living Services
    Innovative Faith Resources
    Keith Samuel Gilroy
    Liberty Baptist Church
    Lynchburg Ready Mix Concrete Co. Inc.
    MH Masonry and Associates, Inc.
    Moneywise, Inc.
    Permanens Capital Advisors L.P.
    Sodexo Inc Liberty University Location
    Southeast Builders, Inc
    The Bolick Foundation
    The Brooklyn Tabernacle
    Trane Company
    English Construction
    West Cabarrus Church, Inc.
  • Individual Donors

    Bill & Joan Abington
    Patricia A. Adzati
    Larry R. Bagley
    Linda K. Balsewicz
    Joel Barker
    Martha B. Barton
    Fred N. Beason
    Jeffrey & Gaye Benson
    James & Louisa Berens
    Sharon Bermel
    Ada D. Best
    Bob & Michelle Billings
    Dale & Tina Birdsall
    Gary & Ok Pun Boardman
    Bob & Brenda Bonheim
    Wilmer & Janice Borneman
    Sheldon & Shannon Bream
    Natalie Breton
    Paul & Smita Breton
    David Brewer
    Brandon T. Brown
    David & Pamela Brown
    Judith I. Brown
    Todd M. Bruce
    Janet Burnette
    Allen E. Callis
    John & Phyllis Carstens
    Kris Chilcott
    Joan M. Cobb
    Bill & Susan Cofer
    Patricia D. Colehower
    Alberta Coleman
    Kevin & Debbie Corwin
    Kenneth & Martha Cox
    Terry & Marie Crawford
    John F. Cross
    Dale C. Crumley
    Marcia J. Crumley
    Dorothy B. Davis
    Lynea Keith Davis
    John K. Day
    Wanda Delong
    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. DiPaolo
    Michelle Driver
    Thelbert Oren Dunman Jr*
    Herschel L. Elder, III
    William K. Emmanuel
    Jean J. Engelbrecht
    Sheila B. Epperley
    Shane D. Eshelman
    Therese A. Evans
    Linda Farver
    Zoraida S. Fender
    Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Ferry
    Dawn M. Fraser
    Stephanie J. Frey
    Roy & Cindy Gaebe
    Todd W. Gensler
    John & Judy George
    Jessica E. Gilbert
    Rodney Gladfelter
    Wendy K. Goetz
    Edward & Pansie Hackler
    Richard Halstead
    Lisa A. Halteman
    Kevin & Danielle Hamlet
    Robert D. Harlow
    Anna L. Harrell
    Robert E Harring*
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Harris
    John P. Hedrick
    Meghan Hedrick
    Michael & Barbara Heidt
    Kim M. Hellert
    David A. Helt
    Andrea A. Hernandez
    Kenzie R. Hipps
    Jessie J. Holden
    Annmarie Howard
    Jacob A. Hull
    Jill Huschilt
    Christopher R. Jackson
    Reid Jenkins
    William Jenkins
    Patrick Jennings
    John & Linda Muckel
    Bria Johnston
    Missy Johnston

    Roy & Melinda Jones
    Gerry & Cathy Kimble
    Shoshannah D. Kleinman
    Fred & Ruth Klingler
    Earl L. Kreider
    Sharon E. Kurczewski
    Peggy H. Lackey
    Rita Joan Long
    Julie Lowman
    Deloris & Dorothy Loy
    Melissa S. Magera
    Cheryl L. Marino
    Wade S. Marshall
    Herbert E. Maxey Jr. 
    W.C. Mayne
    Mark & Susan McClure
    Theodore B. McGlohn
    Phil & Holly McLanahan
    Glenn & Bonnie Miller
    Jim & Iris Mills
    Mark G. Minar
    O. J. & Susan Misjuns
    Julie Mitchell
    P. H. Mitchell, Jr.
    Ivan A. Moore
    Steven Moran
    Nathan Mullen
    William G. Mummert
    Odus Mundy
    Thomas E. Nash
    Lester W. Navisky
    David M. Neese
    Christopher E. Nunn
    Clyde & Esther Ott
    Mr. Bradley Owen & Dr. Pamela Zimmerman-Owen
    Toni Pakus
    Bill & Vida Parker
    Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Q. Parr
    Ed & Jeanette Partilla
    Keith & Kim Payne
    Nancy Oglesby Peters
    Scott & Cindy Phillips
    Nicolas Posada
    Twila D. Powell
    Frank & Brenda Puryear
    Alvan Quinones
    James E. Reasor
    Amy Rice
    Judy A. Rice
    Phillip C. Rine
    Jane D. Ritchie
    Gloria Roakes
    Thomas I. Rosenberger
    Jorge Salazar
    Nader Om Saleh
    Brenda W. Satterfield
    Mary Ann Saunders
    Nicole Savakinas
    Robert & Pamela Schmidt
    Michelle L. Seebalack
    James & Myrtle Shaner
    Rebecca L. Sheffield
    Amy W. Smith
    Archie R. Smith
    Sylvia D. Smith
    Willard T. Smith
    John A. Snider
    Marian D. Sullivan
    James Swindell
    Carroll W. Taylor
    Glen & Teresa Thomas
    Quincy A. Thompson
    Mike & Ellie Tilley
    Attilio C. Tormentia
    Tara A. Venning
    Kimberly M. Vial
    Flora Vouglitois
    Basil A. Watson
    Michael M. Waylonis
    Leon & Linda Welch
    Yvonne Wentz
    Colton Wertsbaugh
    Scott Wieland
    Ashley J. Williams
    John S. Williams, Jr.
    Bryan & Natalie Willis
    John M. Woodall


    American Association of Christian Counselors
    Abilene Baptist Church Inc.
    ABWE International
    Academy Tax and Accounting Service L.L.C.
    Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance, Inc.
    Anadarka Petroleum Corporation
    Anerson Mill Road Baptist Church
    Bell Shoals Baptist Church Inc.
    Bellevue Baptist Church
    Bethel Assembly of God
    Bethel Baptist Church
    Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
    C3 Church NC
    Calvary Baptist Church-Connersville
    Calvary Baptist Church, Inc - Cresaptown
    Calvary Bible Church of Hanover
    Calvary Road Baptist Church - Alexandria
    Carmel Baptist Church
    CBC of Charleston, Inc.
    Coastal Community Baptist Church
    Community Bible Church-Beaufort
    Concord Baptist Church-Prospect
    Cornerstone Chapel-Leesburg
    Crossgates Baptist Church Inc.
    Dominion Foundation
    Dramatic Encounter, Inc.
    Etowah Baptist Church, Inc.
    Exeter Bible Church
    First Baptist Church - Okeechobee
    First Baptist Church-Roanoke
    First Baptist Church-Kenova
    First Baptist Church Of Lavaca
    Flowers Baking Company of Lynchburg
    Good Shepherd Church of Greensboro
    Grace Community Church
    Grace Fellowship
    Harvest Bible Chapel Of Granger Inc.

    Hebron Baptist Church-Dacula
    Idlewild Baptst Church
    Integrity Community Church
    J. M. Smith Foundation
    James Crouch Garage, Inc.
    Duck In Market
    Kenly Free Will Baptist Church
    Lawndale Baptist Church
    Long Lewis Foundation, Inc.
    Lynchburg Mazda
    Lynchburg Nissan
    McGregor Baptist Church
    National Day of Prayer
    North Roanoke Baptist Church
    Novo Nordisk Matching Gift Program
    Oak View Baptist Church-High Point
    Oswald K Forsee Revocable Trust
    Peterson Family Foundation
    Pleasant Garden Baptist Church
    Robbins Family Limited Partnership
    RockFish Church
    Romar Elevators Inc.
    Saint Andrew Covenant Presbyterian Church
    Salem Baptist Church
    Second Baptist Church-Clinton
    Sonrise Baptist Church-Newnan
    Southern Baptist Conservatives of VA
    State Farm Companies Foundation
    Temple Baptist Church-Selma
    The Babcock and Wilcox Company
    The John Calvin Bible Foundation
    The Nelson Searcy Company
    Thomas Road Baptist Church
    Trinity Community Church
    Warren Baptist Church
    Wells Fargo Foundation
    Westminster Catawba Christian School

* Estate Gift