Top Employees of January 2017

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Mitzi Bible

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Senior Managing Editor

Putting together the Liberty Journal is no easy task. The magazine is Liberty University’s premier publication with nearly a quarter of a million copies published, as well as an online version that draws readers throughout the year. Mitzi Bible is in charge of making the Liberty Journal the best it can be — a role that she excels in. She guides her team of reporters and ensures that the magazine is packed with great content. From reviewing the articles and tracking down extra facts and information, to writing several stories herself and even guiding the final layout and design, Mitzi puts her heart and soul into the final product. We truly appreciate her professionalism and commitment to excellence. Thank you, Mitzi!

Kristina Broadway

Dept: Financial Aid
Title: Administrative Specialist

Kristina has been with Liberty University for over two years and has been a pivotal member of her team. Since starting out in the call center, Kristina’s love for people and her desire to help students has influenced everything she does. Her transition to a staff support role allowed her the opportunity to shine even more, demonstrating both Christ’s character and her commitment to serving others in all of her interactions. Kristina is a joy to be around and we are extremely thankful for her!

Matt Houser

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Painter

Matt is celebrating 10 years here at Liberty, and we blessed to have him on our team. He takes on whatever task he is given and completes it in a timely manner. His quiet, easygoing demeanor is a welcomed presence in the workplace, along with his attention to detail and skilled computer work. In his free time, he loves riding his motorcycle and fishing, and is currently studying business management. Matt has been married for a little over a year, and he and his wife are expecting their baby girl Emma Grace this month. Matt, we are so grateful for you hard work. Congratulations!

Janice Laughlin

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Logger/Mail Analyst

Janice Laughlin has been a part of the Caging-Data Prep department since 1981. She began reading and depositing mail and has advanced to Caging Logger/mail analyst position. During the last several years Janice has become a very important part of our team. She is a very dedicated and committed employee, always helping others and is very thorough in everything she is asked to do. Janice’s graciousness and faithfulness and commitment to her job are a testament of her God and the kind of giving person that she always represents. It is our joy and privilege to have her serving on the Caging-Data Prep team

Kelly Lesley

Dept: Registrar
Title: Student Service Center Counselor

Kelly Lesley has been a fantastic member of the Student Service Center! She has taken on every tasked assigned to her with skill and efficiency. She cares for students on a daily basis and always ensures they are taken care of. She processes hundreds of emails each month and does so with amazing accuracy and promptness! Her attitude and work ethic have been an encouragement to our staff and students! Thank you Kelly!

Thomas Norton

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Network Engineer V

T.J. is the team lead and senior engineer for the university’s wireless network team. He recently upgraded Williams Stadium’s wireless service with directional antennas and advanced wireless access points that improve cell phone reception during football games. T.J. has been the main catalyst for improvements to both the campus dorm wireless network and classrooms that use TopHat technology. He is currently working on a GPS-like system that helps users find room locations around campus. Thank you for your hard work, T.J.!

Timi Plyter

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Student Advocate

Timi began working at Liberty in 1997 as the receptionist in the Registrar’s Office and transitioned to the student advocate position in 2004. She plays an instrumental role in promoting the retention of students by assisting them with any difficulties they encounter. Timi strives to impact each student she encounters by not only helping solve their problems, but encouraging them in their pursuit of God as well. She takes every opportunity to speak with students about their experience at Liberty and the role that faith plays in their daily success. Timi’s interactions with students and co-workers remind us all that faith the size of a mustard seed does extraordinary things!

Adam Smith

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: HVAC Tech

Adam started working at Liberty in 2008. He is easygoing, loves working, and is always looking for something to do the minute he completes task list. Those are qualities that every supervisor looks for in an employee. Adam and has been married for seven years now and is a proud dog owner. Congratulations, Adam — you deserve it!

Megan Stinson

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Custodial Jr. Supervisor

Megan began working with the Facilities/Custodial Department as a student worker in October 2013. She is now a junior supervisor, responsible for more than twenty workers, and her can-do attitude is contagious to everyone around her. Megan puts forth an incredible amount of effort into everything she does, whether that’s her job or her education, and she is currently working on completing her degree in human services with a minor in family and child development. Megan has a goal for her life and she is achieving it! We are blessed to have her.