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Top Employees of December 2014

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John Coles

Dept: Registrar
Title: Transfer Credit Evaluator

John Coles has been a valuable addition to the residential transfer evaluation team for more than two years. He has brought experience, passion, and dedication to his role as lead transfer credential evaluator, and he assists in leading the resident transfer team through growth and changes in the Registrar’s Office. John’s passion is to work directly with potential and current students and their parents, to provide excellent customer service. He is dedicated to our mission to guide students toward completion of their educational goals. We are grateful for John and want to thank him for all he does for this office and the university!

Zach Crouthamel

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Manager Systems Administration

As manager of our department, Zach Crouthamel ensures that we have everything we need to do our job well. He takes an interest in our lives and also helps each of us grow professionally. Zach works hard to move our projects along, always helping us maintain progress within the department. He is approachable, respectful, and always strives to meet the needs of everyone in the office.

Chris Cutrer

Dept: Auxiliary Services
Title: Warehouse Clerk

Chris Cutrer plays an essential role in the daily operations of Liberty University. Every day he makes it his goal to ensure that the stored assets of the university are both safe and easily accessible for use. He has played a large role in helping warehousing efforts at Liberty to become organized, efficient, and clean. Chris is great at adapting to change while maintaining a high standard of customer service and excellence. His energy, attitude, and organizational abilities are just a few examples of his skill set and value to the university.

David Dewitt

Dept: Academics
Title: Department Chair, Biology/Chemistry

In the past year, Dr. Dewitt has supervised the creation of five new undergraduate programs and one master’s degree in the Department of Biology & Chemistry. He has worked tirelessly to plan and execute his department’s physical move from DeMoss Hall to the new Science Hall. Furthermore, Dr. Dewitt encourages his faculty to participate in cutting-edge research with their students. This has resulted in biology/chemistry majors earning numerous awards over the past few years, including first place in the 17th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium hosted by the University of Maryland, as well as two awards from the Virginia Academy of Science.

Tim Griffin

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Associate Dean for Campus Pastors

Named the associate dean for campus pastors this past summer, Tim Griffin leads a great team of pastors and life-skills coordinators in serving and shepherding the Liberty University student body in one-on-one pastoral ministry. Always available and eager to serve, Tim’s ministry of compassion, care, and concern impacts students in times of hardship and grief. He is also leading the campus pastor team to a proactive ministry of spiritual development while building bridges with other departments. Tim is a pastor to pastors, effectively leading and serving our team with wisdom and encouragement. He is a vital part of the Dean of Students Office. Above all, Tim is a genuine servant, modelling the character of Christ in ministry.

Katie Harris

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Admissions Evaluator

Katie Harris has served within the Liberty University Online division as an admissions evaluator since 2012. She has vast knowledge of university policies and procedures. Katie has led several staff meetings, in addition to training a number of representatives from other departments to support the overall goal of providing the best possible service to our students. She has provided assistance with new student recruitment, as well as our new hire training. Her exceptional attitude and performance make her a valuable part of our team. We are thankful to have people like Katie representing our admissions staff here at Liberty.

Michael Hart

Dept: Academics
Title: Chair

William Barclay said, “The best protection one can have from the devil and his schemes is a humble heart” (as quoted in Frank Mead, 12,000 Religious Quotations). What a poignant description of Dr. Michael Hart! Dr. Hart is humble and unpretentious, yet brilliant in his field. Since becoming a School of Business chair, he has worked tirelessly to grow the program and has utilized his expertise in the IT field to enhance its quality. His personal involvement in program development and innate skills place him in a unique position for providing solutions to problems that have far-reaching implications for all students in our IT programs. We are very thankful to have him on the School of Business team.

Kristi Jennings

Dept: Financial Planning & Budgeting
Title: Budget Analyst

Kristi Jennings has been with Liberty University and the Financial Planning & Budgeting Office since September 2012. She works diligently to exemplify Christ in her job each day. Kristi epitomizes the true meaning of customer service — doing whatever is necessary to help someone in need. Kristi has the heart of a teacher and embraces the biblical responsibility of stewardship. Her passion to do what is right and fair is evident in everything she does. Even in difficult situations, customers enjoy working with Kristi, always appreciating her integrity and friendliness. We are proud to have her as part of our family. Thank you for all you do, Kristi!

Jeremy Owen

Dept: Development
Title: Senior Alumni Relations Officer

In just a few short months, Jeremy Owen has excelled in his role as senior alumni relations officer. Joining the team just before Liberty was to welcome 6,000 guests back to campus for Homecoming 2014, Jeremy stepped up to help orchestrate a record-breaking Homecoming. He has brought an immense amount of energy, organization, and laughter to the Alumni Relations Office. These qualities, as well as his attention to detail, concern for others, and leadership abilities are what led to him standing out as Employee of the Month. The love Jeremy has for the Lord and for people is evident in his work and life. The Alumni Relations Office is truly blessed to have him as part of the team!

Cooper Pasque

Dept: Academics
Title: Scholarly Communications Assistant

Cooper Pasque joined the library staff as scholarly communications assistant in July 2013 and very quickly became an invaluable part of the team. Managing the Liberty University Digital Commons, he interacts with students and faculty to promote the Digital Commons development. He also oversees and coordinates the Jerry Falwell Library tours, volunteers on several committees including the JFL Information Literacy Committee, and serves at the Customer Service Center by providing research assistance. Always going above and beyond the requirements of his position, Cooper is an example of kindness, selflessness, and humility. We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve with Cooper.

Kathy Spradlin

Dept: Academics
Title: Math Emporium Coordinator

Dr. Kathy Spradlin tirelessly works with the developmental math staff to assist students through the Math Emporium. She spent countless hours in the research and development of Liberty’s current model. Now that the program is up and running, she spends countless more hours reviewing and assessing the work being done so that students may benefit from the best possible mathematics experience. Her dedication has not been in vain as her team’s work has yielded some of the best developmental math-achievement rates for students in the country. Kathy possesses a genuine servant’s heart and is a model of Christian character to everyone who has the privilege of working with her. We are truly blessed to have Dr. Spradlin on our team!

Emily Watkins

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Marketing Manager

Emily Watkins has served faithfully in the marketing department for three years. Her leadership on the resident enrollment team has been a tremendous blessing to both the department and the client departments that she serves. Recently, one of her team members had this to say of Emily, “Emily has continued to be our support, our motivator, and our advocate…she is a great leader who has grown to understand each person on our team in an effort to better guide and focus us as a group. Each week she reminds the team of our real purpose as Christians and as a university that seeks to Train Champions for Christ.”