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Top Employees of October 2014

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Nick Belotte

Dept: Auxiliary Services
Title: Assistant Director, LaHaye Student Union

Nick Belotte has been a huge asset to the LaHaye Student Union since he was started in 2012. He has graciously continued to take on new responsibilities and has excelled as an effective leader, organizing professional development for his staff. Nick played an intricate role in the planning and coordination phase of the LaHaye Student Union expansion. He now assists with the facility operations to make sure that the entire building is functioning efficiently. The LaHaye Student Union staff appreciates Nick’s continued drive for excellence and his positive work ethic!

Diana Aldrich

Dept: Academics
Title: Faculty Secretary, Helms School of Government

Diana Aldrich is the newest member of the Helms School of Government team but has already had an outstanding impact on the school. Diana approaches her position with a servant’s heart, Christ-like attitude, and the determination to meet each new challenge effectively. Her combination of skill, positive attitude, and spiritual grounding has endeared Diana to students and faculty alike. Diana is an indispensable part of the school’s operations, and we are very blessed to have her with us.

Kaitlyn Bachmann

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Administrative Assistant

As the administrative assistant for Student Accounts, Kaitlyn Bachmann has provided professional support to the director, staff leadership, and the entire department. Kaitlyn is a blessing to everyone she meets. For the past two years she has responded to challenging tasks with a positive attitude and outlook. She coordinates and manages various department details and directly supports the leadership team with the utmost professionalism. Utilizing her strong research skills, Kaitlynn has assisted with many projects and helped achieve resolutions to a number of challenges. Student Accounts is truly blessed to have Kaitlyn playing such an important role.

Samantha Boontjer

Dept: Development
Title: Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

Samantha Boontjer, a 2013 Liberty University graduate, has proven to be a tremendous asset since joining the Alumni Relations Office. Sam serves as the office manager and administrative assistant. Full of energy and ideas, Sam jumped in during the planning stages of Homecoming, one of Liberty's largest annual events, and made an immediate and helpful impact. Even with the additional attention that Homecoming requires, she never ceases to show excellent customer service skills while engaging with alumni and current students in the office, on the phone, or by email. Anyone stopping by the Alumni Relations office is sure to find a smiling face to welcome them!

Arlene Gunter

Dept: Academics
Title: Administrative Assistant

Arlene Gunter serves as an administrative assistant for the Department of Health Professions in the School of Health Sciences. Prior to employment at Liberty University, she acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills in both business and educational settings. In the past year, she has applied her organizational and bookkeeping talents to the task of streamlining the operational functions of the department. She has also been the key player in the development of new and improved departmental promotional materials.

Melody Harper

Dept: Academics
Title: Department Chair of Global Studies

Melody Harper is the departmental chair for the Global Studies program. A world traveler with a heart for the nations, Melody has been a tremendous encouragement to the faculty and students of the Department of Global Studies. She recently hosted Global Engagement Week, involving dozens of missionaries, mission agencies, and hundreds of students. She is an excellent leader, teacher, and spokesperson for global missions, and she is a superb advocate for meeting the challenge of reaching the world with the Gospel.

Leslie Keeney

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Quality Assurance

Leslie Keeney has been with the Marketing department for two years and has left her mark on multiple pieces of promotional material produced by the university. As a member of the quality control team, Leslie evaluates and edits many major projects, checking for sentence flow and logic, eliminating extra words, and ensuring that the words chosen best communicate the intended message. She continually raises the bar for those around her and is quick to express her appreciation for a job well done. Her sharp wit and sense of humor keep those around her laughing, and her love for Jesus shines through her every day. As a department, we are better because of Leslie's input; she is brilliant at what she does.

Jessica Martin

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Senior Admissions Counselor

Jessica Martin started working in Resident Admissions in November 2009. She has juggled a variety of responsibilities, and is currently a senior admissions counselor. Jessica is responsible for quality control over information given out by junior admissions counselors. She is often seen mentoring, training, and remediating junior admissions counselors so that they can be the very best at their job. Jessica brings to the office a compassionate and gentle spirit and strives to honor God in all that she says and does. Through every trial, she continued to put her trust in the Lord.

Laura Payne

Dept: Academics
Title: Administrative Assistant - Center for Curriculum Development

Laura exemplifies the core values of the Center for Curriculum Development (CCD). Her consistency, charisma, and creativity are unmistakable as she serves the design, editing, technology, and video personnel within CCD. Laura has the helpful ability to start and complete tasks with grace and tenacity. Laura honors God in every aspect of her role with the CCD. She is a tribute to the university, displaying integrity and selflessness as she supports multiple departments. The CCD team is grateful for her contribution to special events, as well as the precision with which she manages online systems in relation to course development!

Autum Phillips

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Executive Assistant to CIO

Autum Phillips has been a member of the Information Technology (IT) team since 2010. As executive assistant to the CIO, Autum supports over 400 staff positions, and her initiatives to promote staff camaraderie make IT a unique and enjoyable place to work. She is frequently called on to help accomplish tasks in others’ absences, and she takes on these tasks with a willing and cheerful spirit, reflecting her faith as well as her personal dedication to the mission of the department and the university.

Hannah Swanson

Dept: Student Leadership
Title: Senior Resident Director

Hannah Swanson graduated from Liberty University in 2011. She has served the women of Liberty as a prayer leader, spiritual life coach, resident assistant, and is now the senior resident director with The Office of Student Leadership. Hannah provides her peers and students with an incredible testimony of integrity, professionalism, and selfless service. She has a passion for serving the women of Liberty and encouraging them to seek after Christ while utilizing their God-given gifts to glorify Him.

Tracey Wallace

Dept: Registrar
Title: Student Service Center Counselor

Tracey Wallace has served at Liberty for almost three years. She seeks to make the Student Service Center a place where students are cared for and feel valued. Her dedication to go the extra mile is inspiring to students as well as those who work around her. Tracey views her position as more than a job; she views it as an opportunity to change lives every day, embodying the mission of the Student Service Center and enhances the experience of every person she serves. We are blessed to work alongside someone who is passionate about fulfilling her calling!