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Top Employees of November 2015

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Diane Austin

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: SEO Specialist

For over four years, Diane Austin has blessed the Web Content Team with professionalism, excellence, and expertise. She deserves this recognition! Diane became Liberty’s first in-house search engine optimization (SEO) specialist and pioneered our content-first SEO approach. Her SEO plans continually improve the ranking performance of,, and more. Her leadership embodies the philosophy that if it’s Christian, it ought to be better. She consistently improves all aspects of Web content from branding consistency and image usage to video transcription and accessibility. Whether she is planning feature content for Liberty’s home page or sharing the latest trends, Diane is a true Web content professional.

Ashley Gryder

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Office Coordinator: Int’l Student Services

Ashley has worked in Resident Enrollment for the past 16 months. She maintains the front office of International Student Services and provides support for a wide range of staff, including international recruiters, international admissions, international student advisors, and the international student center. Ashley makes sure all traveling staff get to where they need to be and that they arrive fully prepared to represent Liberty. She prepares for a myriad of international VIPs who visit campus. When they leave campus feeling like they were treated royally, as they always do, it’s because of her planning. She’s one of those people wholly dedicated to making others successful, and she does that with professionalism, accuracy, and a smile.

Micah Johnson

Dept: Academics
Title: Technology Manager

Micah exemplifies excellence and innovation on a daily basis. Instrumental in the start-up of the cinematic arts program, he has worked tirelessly to create an equipment checkout system that keeps inventory organized. Additionally, he has designed many of the cinema edit suites, THX theatre, and classrooms. His knowledge of film industry standards in equipment and technology is invaluable. His professional work ethic and high standards set an example for students, faculty, and staff.

Bobby Lamb

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Technical Team Lead, Constr, Network Services

Bobby was instrumental in getting the scoreboard installed and tested for the LaHaye Ice Center. When the original plan for the scoreboard installation fell through, Bobby stepped in and gathered a team and worked long hours over the weekend and finished the installation. He is an awesome team leader and though he had to work through the weekend despite other plans, he did a great job with a phenomenal attitude.

George (Russ) Smith

Dept: Planning and Construction
Title: Mechanical Systems Integration Manager

Russ is the newest member of the Planning & Construction team. He has worked on Liberty projects with other companies for years, so he was very familiar with the campus buildings and facilities. Russ is our point person on HVAC controls, oversees the central plant, and recommends changes to help the university stay current with our energy initiatives. Russ is an avid outdoors men. He loves camping and spending time with his family. We are grateful for all the knowledge and enthusiasm Russ has added to our department. Great Job, Russ!

Scott Spear

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Director of Analytics and Decision Support

Scott is a constant example of tireless professionalism and selfless service to his customers. Since starting with the university in 2007, he has consistently displayed an expert understanding of both the technologies involved in his role and the underlying concepts of the business units he has supported. He has always been committed to the success of his customers and the teams that he directs. His passion for his work and dedication to his employees is inspiring and the impact of his work does not go unnoticed.

Kaitlin Thompson

Dept: Registrar
Title: Student Service Center Call Center Supervisor

Kaitlin exemplifies the mission of Liberty University. Her enthusiasm and drive to always go the extra mile encourage everyone around her! She takes every request given to her with integrity and dedication. She utilizes every opportunity to serve both students and staff with grace. Kaitlin has become a student of her job. She works tirelessly to learn the skills that she needs to become a successful professional. We appreciate Kaitlin and recognize her as a true rising star at Liberty University!

Angela Travis

Dept: Financial Aid
Title: Assistant Director of Financial Aid - Campus Based Programs

As assistant director over campus-based financial aid programs, Angie has led an effort to dramatically increase student employment through the Federal Work Study program. Additionally, she has coordinated efforts to increase student involvement in community service, most recently, by leading the partnership with Lynchburg Beacon of Hope. This organization to help local high school students is led by Director of Development and former Lynchburg Mayor Joan Foster. Angie has worked at Liberty for 27 years and knows the policy history behind the Financial Aid Office. She is a dedicated and hard-working employee who makes a difference at Liberty every day.

Randy Willis

Dept: Student Affairs
Title: Senior Associate Director of Student Leadership

Randy has been with the Office of Student Leadership (OSL) since June of 2012. Through the years, he has used his wide range of skills and experiences to ensure that OSL runs smoothly and effectively. Randy’s greatest attribute is the personal attention he gives everyone with whom he works. Randy is an integral part of the Office of Student Leadership, and we are blessed to have him.