Top Employees of January 2018

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Melissa Breaux

Dept: LUO
Title: Admissions Evaluator

Melissa Breaux has been a member of the Admissions Verification team for over two years. She has a wealth of knowledge about the admissions application process, especially students’ transcripts, and is always the first to volunteer to help train a teammate or offer a suggestion to improve our processes. She sets an incredible example of diligence and attention to detail to those around her. We want to thank Melissa for the daily contributions she makes to the university and for each LUO student she has helped through the admissions process since 2015.

Corbin Brown

Dept: LU Police Department
Title: Police Officer

On Sept. 24, Police Officer Corbin Brown spotted smoke originating from a wooded area on Candler’s Mountain. Officer Brown put word out to the rest of the squad, then got out on foot to organize a search. He was able to locate the uncontrolled fire that could have easily overwhelmed our limited firefighting capabilities, putting facilities on East Campus at risk. He also received a letter of thank you from a parent of a student whose car had been struck and heavily damaged. The offending vehicle left the scene, but Officer Brown was able to take information from an eye witness and quickly locate the suspect. Officer Brown can be counted on to do quality work. He goes above and beyond in the daily performance of his duties.

Barb Chase

Dept: School of Aeronautics
Title: Receptionist

Barb Chase has become a pivotal servant, meeting needs of Aeronautics students, faculty, and staff in our academic center. As receptionist for two busy department chairs, she juggles schedules and greets everyone with smiles, hugs, and warm encouragement. Barb mentors two of our student workers completing various assignments and planned/executed a highly successful STEM camp for visiting middle and high school students. As an example of her Christlike character, she lovingly stood in the gap and led a struggling student through an urgent life crisis. We are blessed to have her on our team! We love you, Barb!

Laura Dutkus

Dept: Finance & Administration
Title: Caging Worker II

Laura has served as an employee in the Data Prep Caging Department for 3 years and has been a consistent and dependable employee in our department. Laura works with the donations portion of our department, reading mail and processing deposits to the bank amongst many other responsibilities. What stands out the most about Laura is her outstanding work ethic and organizational skills. She is very detailed-oriented and shows a desire to learn every chance she can. This is what makes her an exceptional part of our department. Thanks, Laura, for all you do to serve. We are very blessed to have you as a part of our team.

Jim Gaston

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Landscape Technician

Since joining the Liberty family in 2005, Jim has become an exceptional employee with a true servant's heart. He is always searching for ways to make his assigned areas better. Jim is very respectful of others and a pleasure to have in our department. His passion is ministry and serving others at any level, and he has attended several Bible colleges for ministry training. Jim loves Bible studies and sharing the Lord with people. He is married to his wife, Elaine, and enjoys spending time with her, their four children, and their two grandchildren. He is a man of genuine integrity and goodness, and strives for excellence in his personal life and work. Thank you, Jim, for all your hard work and wonderful spirit. Congratulations!

Jo Ellen Goodale

Dept: Procurement
Title: Travel Coordinator

Jo Ellen has been invaluable in the success of the new Travel Office since its inception in January 2017. Her outstanding people skills have been evident in the relationships she has established with local hotels, the LU travel coordinators and many external vendors as the Travel Office has worked to streamline university travel and its processes and procedures. She takes the initiative to train new travel coordinators and travelers. She is the go-to person for many LU travelers, and she consistently goes the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service. Her testimony is apparent in how she lives her life. She is responsive, always smiling, and very dependable — an excellent example of a Champion for Christ.

Crystal Henderson

Dept: Enrollment Management
Title: Resident Admissions Counselor

Crystal has been with the UG Resident Admissions office for four years and has consistently been a dependable and thorough employee. Crystal maintains our Admissions e-mail box in outstanding fashion, fielding numerous questions from prospective students, and she is always responsive and thorough in her replies. She is also very helpful in answering questions and completing tasks assigned to her. Additionally, she provides excellent assistance to her coworkers and managers. Crystal comes to work every day, prepared to do the best job she can, and she is very supportive of our mission and processes, gets along well with all of her coworkers, and always expresses a positive attitude about her job responsibilities.

Todd Hibbard

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: School Dude Administrator

Todd has been with the Facilities family for over six years. He is very involved on the administrative side of the School Dude program. He handles much of the training of employees that use this system daily. Todd has been married for 27 years and they have four children. He loves spending time with his family, being outdoors, and cooking. We are grateful for Todd's enthusiasm and commitment to our team and School Dude. Thank you, Todd, for all you do. Congratulations on a job well done!

Tuesday Hunt

Dept: Liberty Flames
Title: Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine

Tuesday Hunt has served as Liberty's Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine since December 2017 after joining the staff in July 2014 as Senior Associate Athletic Trainer for Women's Sports. In her current position, Hunt oversees the Sports Medicine department and is responsible for injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation for Liberty’s volleyball and tennis teams. She is certified through the Board of Certification (BOC) and holds memberships with National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA), Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers' Association (MAATA), and Virginia Athletic Trainers Association (VATA).

Rochelle Jagst

Dept: School of Education
Title: Ed.D. Gate Coordinator

Rochelle is an essential member of the doctoral program’s support team in the School of Education. Rochelle coordinates all of the manuscript reviews for doctoral candidates seeking research consultant approval to move forward in the dissertation process. She also manages other aspects of the process, such as ensuring the accuracy of candidates’ enrollment in dissertation-related courses. Her organizational skills and timeliness in coordinating reviews are important in helping candidates and their committees navigate a crucial part of the dissertation process. Rochelle consistently goes above and beyond in her job by taking initiative and offering help. We are blessed to have her as part of our team!

Matthew Morrisey

Dept: Spiritual Development
Title: Music Coordinator

Matthew Morrisey is the musical brains for the Worship Collective, responsible for each and every worship experience on the Convocation platform. He works tirelessly to rehearse our fully student-led bands, create new and original arrangements of songs, and strategically choose which band members are best fit for each specific service. In addition to ensuring the musical excellence on the Convocation platform, Matthew also contributes to our team by scheduling over 40 student worship leaders and band members for roughly eight services each week. From Convocation to Campus Community to weekend tours, he ensures that each band is fully-staffed, rehearsed, and ready to go.

Vicki Murillo

Dept: Registrar
Title: Academic Evaluator

Vicki Murillo has worked in the Registrar’s Office for almost a year and has been a huge asset to our team. With her ability to learn quickly, she has been utilized frequently to train new hires. She is a hard-working employee who always goes above and beyond to serve our students and other team members. One thing that stands out about Vicki is her constant positive attitude and willingness to help anyone. Her ability to exude patience is a strong quality of hers that is beneficial to our students and staff alike. Through many transitions, Vicki has been a dependable and faithful employee, always giving 100%. We value her and love having her on our team!

Ruth Ronk

Dept: College of General Studies
Title: Faculty Support Coordinator

Ruth has brought a breath of fresh air to CGS. After a year of many organizational changes, she has set for herself the personal goal of bringing people together and encouraging her peers each and every day. This includes helping to cultivate an atmosphere of collegiality and friendship. During the Christmas season this year, she organized office stockings and notes of encouragement for each person in our department. She constantly serves others in selfless ways and has appropriated Paul’s admonition to the Philippians to consider others highly! Ruth is appreciated by her administration, her faculty, and her friends, and CGS is a better place because of her investment!

Brett Sipos

Dept: Information Technology
Title: Media System Technician II

Brett's excellence of work and his inclination to spend the time to complete an assignment are a mark of his notable qualities in this department. He has been involved with several Daktronics projects over the past years and has recently worked on the new aquatics board. This would not have happened had it not been for Brett’s love for detail and his willingness to work long hours. He has shown others in this department what it means to work for the glory of Christ, and he pours himself out into not only his work, but also as he humbly teaches others the technique of the trade. He has a wealth of knowledge and a kind nature.

Angela Smith

Dept: Facilities Management
Title: Housekeeper

Angie has been with Liberty for almost 5 years, and she exemplifies the perfect employee! She comes to work on time and ready to do whatever is asked of her every day. She gives her best no matter how big or complicated the job is. She has shown such professionalism and work ethic that she's been assigned to some of our high-profile areas, and she keeps them looking great. Angie is married with a son and daughter, and she has two grandchildren that she spends most weekends with. Angie, we appreciate your dedication, hard work, and smiling face. You are a blessing to our department!

Mike Strobel

Dept: Marketing Department
Title: Marketing Manager

We are grateful to have Mike as a member of the Marketing team. His optimism and flexibility are evidence of his strong work ethic and make him a great leader in his role as marketing manager. Clients and colleagues alike recognize him for his dedication to service and excellence. Mike is certain to do each and every task thoroughly, and his leadership inspires grace and diligence among his team. It is evident that he sees his daily work as a service to God and to others, and our team is better because of him.

Will Uminn

Dept: Analytics & Decision Support
Title: Business Data Analyst IV

Will serves as the team lead for the ADS Academics team. I constantly receive emails or comments from customers telling me how great it is to work with Will and how much he has helped improve their business processes. Will does a great job of seeing the big picture and understanding how business processes relate to one another. His past experience in Enrollment Management and the Registrar’s Office have allowed Will to approach problems with a unique perspective. This has enabled Will to anticipate the needs of his customers and develop creative solutions. Recently, Will has taken on a larger leadership role by becoming the lead for the ADS Academics team.