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Classroom Etiquette

Attendance: Attend every class. If you are sick, read the entire assignment, prepare notes, and make sure that you understand the concepts.

Punctuality: Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the class start time. Be seated and prepared to participate before the professor begins the class. If you are a minute or two late, be very quiet as you enter and find a seat quickly and quietly. If you have a loud rolling bag, remove your notebook and casebook before coming into the classroom and leave your bag at the door.

Preparation: Merely reading the assigned material is not enough. You must spend time steeping in the material. Please see the sections on Case Briefing and Preparing to Learn.

Classroom Courtesy: All attention should be on the professor and the students engaged in the conversation. Make sure all personal business is taken care of prior to the start of class.

Cell phones and Computers: At all times, cell phones should be turned off, and not on vibrate, unless it is an emergency. Before taking a laptop to class, check the Professor’s syllabus to make sure laptops are permitted. Most laptop computers have a button that turns off your internet connection. Know where this button is located and use it.

Classroom Discussion: Most of the class period will involve discussions between students and the professor. If you are confused about something, it is proper to raise your hand and ask a clarifying question (but wait for breaks in the stream of the discussion). Don’t disagree “as a matter of principle” or because the “decision doesn’t make sense.” Rather, articulate principles the decision ignores and why the reasoning doesn’t make sense.

End of class: If the professor is keeping you over, it generally means that what he is saying is very important, and you should be listening instead of packing up your books.

Assignment day: Turning in an assignment late can often result in a grade deduction and in some extreme cases a score of 0. If you are a person who shows up to class 1 minute before class starts, make sure to be early on the days that your assignments are due. However, if you are a student who shows up at the last minute, please see the punctuality section above.

Dress Code: By presenting yourself in a professional manner, including professional dress, you will make an impression on both potential colleagues, as well as potential employers.