Searching Multiple Sources at Once

The Library has a Search Anything box that quickly searches most of the Library's resources as well as selected web sources. You can use as a good place to start your searches, but it is not comprehensive enough for all research.

To start the Search Anything box, go to the Library homepage.

Summon search box, with default to search everything.

In the search box, enter the key term or terms from your research statement. (This example uses "Liberty University.") When you are done, click on the green button labeled "GO" that is to the right of the search box.



First two Summon search results, and major limits and content type limits options.

Our search results on "Liberty University" are grouped by type of source. The Books & Media, including eBooks and eMedia are in the top left box. The Articles are in the top right box. Below them are three other boxes with other sources and ways to search, including searching websites. You can use these boxes to help limit your search to types of source that fit your need.

We will talk about book, periodical, and web sources in more detail in other modules, including using tools specific to each type of source.


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