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Semester Program Sites for Specific Majors

Brethren Colleges Abroad

Please Note: The majors listed below may or may not be offered at Liberty University. However, several courses in the following disciplines are offered at each listed location. Please visit BCA's website for more information.

Fall/Spring Semester Locations and Majors

Athens, Greece

Business Management, Computer Science, Communications, Psychology, International Relations, Political Science, Philosophy

Barcelona, Spain
4 college-level semesters of Spanish or equivalent required

Spanish, Political Science, Government, History, International Relations, Business Marketing, Psychology

Brussels, Belgium

Communications, Social Science - History, International Relations. Government, Business Management, Economics

Cheltenham, England

Family and Consumer Sciences, Psychology, Education, Business Marketing or Management, Biology, Communications, Exercise Science, Philosophy, Health Promotion, Spanish, Studio and Digital Arts, Accounting, English, History, Kinesiology

Chennai, India

Social Work, Political Science, History

Dalian, China

Political Science, History, Business, Economics, International Business, Finance

Dublin-Derry, Ireland

Peace and Conflict Studies, Engineering, History, Political Science, Government, Theatre, Design Majors, Psychology, Studio and Digital Arts, Business, Nursing, Music

Dunedin, New Zealand

Social Sciences, Business, Education, Humanities, Natural Sciences

Marburg, Germany
4 college-level semesters of German or equivalent required. Please see BCA's website for more information

German, Social Science, Political Science, Theology, Psychology, Peace and Conflict studies, Philosophy and Religion, History, Studio and Digital Arts

Quito, Ecuador
2 college-level semesters of Spanish or equivalent required

Spanish, Social Science, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, History, Peace and Justice Studies, Environmental Science, Design Studies, Studio and Digital Arts, Health Promotion, Business, Education, Communications, Biology

Ramallah, Israel

Middle Eastern Culture, Social Justice, Religious History of Middle East

Rome, Italy

History, Geography, Italian, Communications, Visual Arts
Sapporo, Japan
Japanese, Philosophy, Humanities, Business

Xalapa, Mexico
2 college-level semesters of Spanish or equivalent required

Spanish, Anthropology, Sociology, History, Studio and Digital Arts, Social Work

Summer Semester Locations and Majors

Chennai, India

Business, International Business

Rome, Italy

Italian Language, Italian Studies

Tetouan, Morocco


Valladolid, Spain

Advanced Language, Literature, Art, History, Sociology

Vienna, Austria

German Language, History, Psychology