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Study Abroad - Semester & Summer

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Study Abroad

Liberty University has partnered with affiliate study abroad organizations that already have established study abroad locations around the world. Students apply to Liberty Study Abroad office as well as to the affiliate organization for acceptance into the program of their choice. 

Select a location from our following partner program: Bridge - Connect - Act.


Student Experience

Brussels, Belgium

“My study abroad experience has been truly one of the best times of my life. I dreamed about studying in another country since I can remember and I was finally able to do just that. Living in another culture, meeting new people and being able to travel to places you have always heard about and experience it for yourself. These are just a few things that truly make the study abroad experience remarkable in that you learn so much without even knowing it. It could be through having one of many conversations with a new friend that grow up in another country and sees the world differently than you. It could also be the fact that you are going to new places and learning about the history, the culture and the people. In any case the study abroad experience is more than just going to school in another country; it’s a new perspective on life and the world.”

~ Adam, Class of 2013