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Military Deployment

Liberty University greatly appreciates your service and the sacrifices you make daily to secure our freedom. When you are faced with a deployment or unexpected duty, we have a process in place to assist you. If you find that your duty may have an impact on your academic progress, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible so that we may help you through this process, both before and after your deployment.

If you are going to Basic Training, please go to our Initial Active Duty/Entry Training page

Before deployment:

Step 1: Review our Military Deployment-Tips for Success page

Step 2: Contact your professor

  • Our professors are aware of the issues that face our military students and can often work with you by giving extensions or assigning work so you can complete the course while fulfilling your military obligation.  After speaking to your professor, if sufficient time cannot be granted due to the course structure, please proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Contact the Student Advocate Office

  • If you are unable to continue your course due to deployment and cannot work with your professor to satisfy the course requirements, please contact the Student Advocate Office (SAO) to discuss the possibility of withdrawing from your course(s).
  • If you are able to complete the current semester but will not be able to attend the following semester due to deployment, you still need to contact the Student Advocate Office before you deploy. 
  • Be sure to bring/send a copy of your military deployment orders.

Things to consider when withdrawing from a course

  • Your Education Office may recoup Tuition Assistance funds used for your course.
  • Withdrawing may affect your ability to use Financial Aid Title IV funds in future terms (Pell Grant, Student Loans, etc…) according to SAP policy. 
  • Grade of ‘W’ will be assigned and will appear on your academic transcript (this will not affect your GPA)

Army Active Duty/Reserves

  • If you use the GoArmyEd portal for your Tuition Assistance you will need to withdraw from your course on the GoArmyEd portal.  Your withdrawal will then automatically be sent to Liberty University and we will process your request.

Other Branches & Students that are not currently using TA

  • If you do not use the GoArmyEd portal you will need to contact the Registrar's Office to request a withdrawal.
  • Please send Liberty University a copy of your military orders or a letter from your commanding officer for review. We request these documents be submitted within 2-3 days of requesting a military withdrawal. These documents must be official and specific enough to indicate the dates of your deployment or duty.
    • Please send documents to the Military Affairs Office by email: or by fax: (434) 455-1287.

Step 4: Contact your Education Office

  • Please Contact your local Education Office and notify them of your change in enrollment.  Many Education Offices will need to get a copy of your orders or require other documents in order to avoid recoupment.

After deployment

Step 1: Contact the Student Advocate Office (SAO)

Step 2: Request to be reinstated in your program

  • If you have broken enrollment in the program due to your deployment, we can have you reinstated under your original degree plan. Please send an email to requesting your academic status be reinstated.  Your deployment orders or other military documents should be submitted to verify your inactivity due to deployment. 

 Step 3: Contact the Student Veterans Group

  • The mission of the Student Veterans Group is to provide fellowship for student veterans, to support new student veterans in coordination with Liberty’s Military Affairs Office and to create veteran-oriented Christian service opportunities.