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Open Education Resources

CITIDEL is a digital library of educational resources that intend to engage in a broad range of community development activities such as workshops, where they intend to expand knowledge and skills regarding the creation and use of innovative online courseware for computing and information technology education.

Engineering Pathway
The Engineering Pathway is a portal to high-quality teaching and learning resources in engineering, applied science and math, computer science/information technology, and engineering technology and is designed for use by K-12 and university educators and students.

IBM Academic Initiative
IBM Academic Initiative is a global program that facilitates the collaboration between IBM and educators to teach students the information technology skills they need to be competitive and keep pace with changes in the workplace.

Math Forum
Drexel University offers a wealth of problems and puzzles; online mentoring; research; team problem solving; collaborations; and professional development.

MERLOT (Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Teaching online) contains leading edge, user-centered, searchable collections of peer reviewed, higher education, online learning materials created by registered members and a set of faculty development support services.

OER Commons
OER Commons is the first comprehensive open learning network where teachers and professors from pre-K to graduate school can access their colleagues' course materials, share their own, and collaborate on affecting today's classrooms.

Open Education Resources
This site offers learning content, tools, and implementation resources for educators, students and self-learners a wide range of subjects and course materials aggregated from leading schools and OER portals.

Open University
Open University (OU) is the United Kingdom's only university dedicated to distance learning. Through academic research, pedagogic innovation and collaborative partnership, the OU seeks to be a world leader in the design, content and delivery of supported open and distance learning. LabSpace is designed as a community-led site, primarily for educators, providing a range of online tools to foster the concept of sharing and re-use of materials.

OpenCourseWare Consortium
The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a collaboration of more than 100 higher education institutions (including MIT, Notre Dame, UC – Berkeley, and BYU) and associated organizations from around the world creating a broad and deep body of open educational content using a shared model.

Wikiversity is a community for the creation and use of free learning materials and activities. Wikiversity is a multidimensional social organization dedicated to learning, teaching, research and service.