Career Center Testimonials

I interviewed at Coca Cola Bottleling Company Consolodated in Roanoke last Friday March 4th and was officially offered the Home Market Internship for Summer 2016 Monday March 7th!  I am extremely excited about this opportunity and want to thank all of you for the time and help each one of you gifted me in order to be successful in this endeavor. I found the mock interviews to be especially helpful! I walked into my interview with a lot more confidence due to the prior training provided. Katy P - '17

I’m a junior studying Electrical Engineering. Nowadays, many college students know that internships are critical to their career success. But until I stopped by the Career Center and met with Mr. Glass, I had no idea how to pursue, much less obtain, such an opportunity. Mr. Glass, the director of the Career Center, had spoken at the special convocations in the school of engineering, repeatedly stressing the importance of internships and the ways in which his office could help engineering students. So at the beginning of my sophomore year at Liberty, I decided to give the Career Center a try. My experience with the Career Center was basically a zero-to-hero progression. Mr. Glass offered me a wealth of knowledge and guidance in my pursuit of internship opportunities and in my future career pursuits. He helped me develop a strategy for applying to the companies I wanted to work for, tweaking my resume and keeping me focused. As we made progress, I developed more and more confidence in my ability to obtain an internship and further my career. Eventually, I began receiving phone calls and emails from companies asking me for interviews. The hard work finally paid off when I received an excellent offer from Dominion Resources in the second semester of my sophomore year. The internship I completed that following summer was a life-changing experience. It provided me with an invaluable boost to my resume and laid the groundwork for my future internship success. I rejoined with Mr. Glass in the fall of my junior year to repeat the process and develop more job-searching skills. I was rewarded again with an interview with Lockheed Martin, which turned into an internship offer for the summer of 2016 and an offer of full-time employment upon graduation. Thanks to Mr. Glass and the Career Center, I had gone from a sophomore with almost no clue what I was doing to an intern and a future engineer with Lockheed Martin, in the space of a year. If my experience is worth anything to anyone else, it should demonstrate that anyone who is willing to put in the effort can be rewarded by using the Career Center. It seems to me like the Career Center is one of the most important, and yet least utilized, resources at Liberty University, and that shouldn’t be the case. My story is repeatable by anyone who desires to further his or her career! - Christopher Anderson - '16

I am still digesting all the wealth of knowledge and information you provided me on the art of writing an effective resume. I also highly appreciate the words of encouragement, support, and challenge you used to push me to reach my full potential in the future. I have never had someone with the knowledge, wisdom, experience, and mentoring ability as you do see the immense potential I know God has put in me. It is surely by God’s divine providence that He put me in contact with you today. I anticipate this fortunate series of events that started all the way back at The King’s Academy, will most definitely lead to a successful future for the both of us. Thank you most sincerely for what you have already done for me and all you will do in the near future! - Cortland Brigham

I passed my SUPER interview and Peersonal Security Interview with the Secret Service! I am happy I decided to do a mock interview! - Ryan

I came to career services with a resume that screamed ‘customer service at retail’. I had applied for many jobs in my chosen major’s field but had no luck. Mr. Glass taught me to go beyond my professional experience and add talents to my resume that were derived from hobbies and life experiences. I had no professional experience in my chosen major, but I had used my spare time to experiment and learn beyond the classroom. Mr. Glass helped me translate my experiences into words that complemented my professional resume, and helped me get my foot in the door. I’m now employed with a full time entry level position in my major field and I couldn’t be happier! - Tyler

I am starting the 4th week of my externship in Raleigh with Chief Judge Humrickhouse. Judge Humrickhouse is the Judge that hired me in honor of Judge Doub’s wishes. I want you to know that it is going excellent. I am working very hard and I am learning a lot. Judge Humrickhouse has been a pleasure to work for and has given me a lot of responsibility. I am presently working on an opinion she asked me to draft for her which is an incredible honor. Additionally, I know you would be happy to know that I have been very intentional to expand my network while I have been here. Just this morning, I had lunch with one of the North Carolina Supreme Court Justices at his home. I have also scheduled lunch with a local lawyer for later this week. I never would be here without your help. Thank you again and I will be sure to keep you updated over the course of the next seven weeks while I am here.- Steven, '16

I have a great update! Yesterday, I contacted Judge Doub’s judicial assistant seeking any suggestions she might have for me in my pursuit for a new position this summer. She told me that she had already been passing my name around to other judges whom Judge Doub had been affiliated. She told me that Judge Humrickhouse, the Chief Judge of Federal Bankruptcy Court in Raleigh, NC, has offered me a summer externship in her court. I have since been in contact with Judge Humrickhouse and have enthusiastically accepted her offer. I wanted to thank you again for your support from the very beginning. Never did I think I would have an opportunity like this. I could not have do this without you. - Steven 

I was hired for the summer camp position you helped me interview for at the Career Center! I am so excited! Thank you for that again!! - Mik'aela

"Thank you for the mock interview last Friday for the behavior therapist interview.  I just want to let you know that I got the position!  Thanks so much for your help!" - Sarah

"Thank you for your support in all this!  I just secured a full-time nursing position." - Anna

"My interview and 4 hour job shadow at Carilion went well. The nursing unit director offered me the job! I appreciate your prayers." - Chrisellyn

"Lewis Gale Medical called today and I took the job! Thank you for all your help! I would not have been able to do it without you and the other interviewers! I am very thankful." - Ariel

"I began at Universal Furniture as an intern doing projects for sales and marketing. This week, they offered me a full-time position as Sales and Marketing Assistant! I am so blessed and want to reach out and say thank you. Keep on keeping on with your dedication to the students at Liberty.

You have really impacted the road I have taken and I couldn't be more thankful. Although the journey was difficult at times, with thoughts of giving up, the Lord is faithful and He continues to prove Himself time and time again." - Paige

"Thank you so much for your help with my resume! During my phone screening, the recruiter told me about 5 times how impressed he was with my resume! It really means a lot to me about how much you helped me! I ended up getting a second phone screening with the head of their HR office and now I am waiting for them to contact me about an interview!" - Luke

"I came by your office for a short time today to thank you for your help and hard work. I know that you strive to present opportunities for students who want to excel in their careers after Liberty. I wanted to share with you some proof of your hard labor. I am a graduating Senior at LU with a B.S. in Information Systems and a B.S. in Business Management with an Accounting minor.

As of today, 4/2/2014, I have accepted a job as a Information Systems Security Auditor with the Auditor of Public Accounts based in Richmond, VA. I got in contact with this organization through the LU Career Center and Business Career Fair in early March. After meeting the Human Resource professionals and discussing opening’s in their organization I was asked to come to Richmond for an interview. After the interview I was offered the job and accepted the next day. This job is an excellent opportunity to start my career and develop professional skills. Thank you for your hard work and the opportunities you create for students." - Alex, '14

"I wanted to update you on the results of my interviews and thank you for all of your help and support through the entire process. I was accepted into George Fox's PsyD program to begin in August, thrilling news..this was my first choice after all! I appreciate your assistance and could not thank you enough!" - Ed

"I graduated in 2011 from Liberty with by Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising. While I was a student, I attended a few seminars/workshops hosted by the Career Center, and career counselors spoke in my upper-level FACS classes. I received so much wonderful advice from attending these events that I have had a competitive edge over many of my peers. I have been offered almost every job I have interviewed for since I graduated from college.

I think the biggest things I have learned from the Career Center that have helped me are:

  • Having an outstanding resume that highlights my skills and accomplishments and aesthetically looks good (especially important in a creative industry).
  • Knowing how to answer interview questions with confidence and poise.
  • Wording a strong and concise cover letter.
  • Completing an internship and using my mandatory CSER time wisely.
  • Choosing to do extra things that don't help me financially, but look great on a resume

If I could give any advice to other Liberty University students, it would be to focus on their career from the time they arrive at their dorm freshman year. Outside of college, people pay a lot of money to work with image consultants and job recruiters, and to attend seminars that LU students have cheap/free access to. It's a really wonderful service and they should take advantage of it as much as possible." - Jennifer, '11

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your detailed review of my resume.  You will be saddened to know that I had paid a professional resume service to create the draft I sent to you.  As I’m sure you noticed, this was not very helpful and I was sincerely disheartened.  However, due to your help my recruiter was very impressed by my resume!  I now have an interview for a system administration position starting at $35 per hour all thanks to your help!" - Logan, '13

"Two weeks ago, I got a full-time job working as a leasing consultant at my apartment complex, and last week I worked 40+ hours for the first time in 17 months!  It truly was a great feeling.  Working with the Career Center on this project really opened my eyes on what I needed to say to prospective employers.  I realized afterwards that I had skills and abilities that transcended just being a Cop and Marine, and I took the ideas from completing the resume into the interview.  It really made a huge difference in my mind!" - Edward, '13

"I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do a mock interview with me on Friday.  I cannot even express how much it prepared me for today.  My interview went very well and I found it very easy to communicate with them because of the preparation from the career center and the mock interview last Friday." - Jandi, '13

I just wanted to drop you a line and update you about my internship search. I received an offer from Hope International to be their Public Relations Executive Intern. I was extremely excited about the offer because I didn't know how many candidates I was up against and didn't really think I would be offered the position.  Thank you so, so, so much for all of your help! This process would not have been as smooth without you. From checking over my resume, giving me a mock interview, praying with me before my interviews, reserving the conference room for me, checking in with me, and even letting me interview you-you have been fantastic! Thank you so much for all of your help through this!! - Bailie

"Good news! After the recruitment fair, I was contacted by two Christian schools that were represented at the fair and scheduled interviews with both of them.  On Monday, I was offered a teaching position by one of those schools! I officially accepted last night and put my signed contract in the mail today! I will be teaching 5th grade in Graham, NC for the 2013-2014 school year.  Needless to say, I am so, so thankful for the Teacher Recruitment Fair and the opportunity it provided me to have face-to-face interactions with employers. In addition, the Career Center has been invaluable to me throughout this process."  - Savannah

"Using the Career Center has really helped me in pursuing an internship with the Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce. I used the Career Direct test to show what my strength and weaknesses are. The Career Center helped me with my resume, making it stand out. The Career Center has really benefited me in so many ways." - Colin

"Just before graduation last May, I came to the Career Center for a mock interview session. I was a complete nervous wreck as I walked into the interview room; I had no idea what to expect. After two sessions, I felt a new sense of confidence in my ability to interview for any position I wanted. During the summer of 2010 I received a call from Liberty’s Financial Aid office for an interview. I walked into that interview room with seven people surrounding me. I felt that the entire interview went really well. Later that day I received a call from the Director of Financial Aid, offering me a position as a grants processor. I was completely overcome with joy. I can confidently say that I would not have been prepared for that interview if it wasn’t for the practice I received in the mock interview. I just wanted to send an email thanking you for your help in preparing me for my future." - Katie

“Thank you for your encouragement and helpful suggestions for my resume. I have used your information and have the resume just about finished. Now to start the cover letter! God Bless you, as you encourage us!” - Zottie, ‘13

"I have some great news, thank the Lord, I got a part-time job with ESPN's marketing department assisting their designers. Thanks for all your help with my internship/resume last semester. Definitely couldn't have done it without you and the Career Center!" - Lee Anne, '11

“I will use the experience that I have gained to obtain a job. I am thankful that Liberty has arranged this program—I learned so much not only from my workplace, but from living in the city, adapting to city life, seeing events such as protests and bills getting passed in real time, and becoming friends with the other students in the building. It is an experience I definitely recommend any Liberty student to pursue if they are willing to leave Liberty and Lynchburg behind for a semester. Being able to put on a résumé “Interned at (name of organization) in Washington, D.C.” is going to set anybody apart from the competition. It is also very easy to obtain interviews with many government organizations in DC.” - Diana, '12

"WOW! Thanks so much for your time and attention to my resume and cover letter. I really appreciate the significant amount of time you took to review my documents." - Lori

"Using the LUNetwork was great! It was easy to navigate and had a jobs that I was interested in and could qualify for. A nice feature about the LUNetwork is that you can personalize it to your ablities and major then it finds the jobs that you qualify for and you don't have to go searching through endless pages of junk." - Stephanie