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Student Interaction Guidelines


We're glad you're excited to get started on the Student Interaction program. There are lots of opportunities and one that is surely going to suit your gifts. However, as an employee of the university, there are important guidelines to follow before you sign up for a program. Please fully read the following guidelines before you email a Student Interaction coordinator.



  • All Student Interaction programs that employees sign up for must be completed outside of employee working hours. This includes all staff and faculty members, part-time and full-time. Staff and faculty members may not commit to programs that conflict with their normal working hours.
  • Employees must take full responsibility to communicate availability to Student Interaction department coordinators and be reliable to show up on time. Student Interaction coordinators reserve the right to ask employees to stop participating in a program. This could be for a variety of reasons, including overwhelming number of employees signing up for the same program.
  • Employees must send the Student Interaction coordinators their manager's name and contact information, so that they can be in communication, if needed.
  • Please remember that the Student Interaction coordinator may already have as many volunteers as they need currently. You may be placed on a waiting list for a later time the program needs more help.
  • Please let us know how the program is working, as well as successes or problems you're running into, by emailing