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Daniels Program

The Liberty University Psychology Daniels Program provides our top students with an opportunity to collaborate with faculty on a variety of research projects.  Students are encouraged to solve “real world” problems, while also investigating salient psychological constructs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the time commitment?

Teams are typically required to put in five to ten hours per week, depending on the specific project and deadlines.  This time commitment will include independent research, as well as team meetings.

  1. What are the benefits?

This program prepares students for success at the graduate level through on-going mentoring that allows for the application of theory, psychological principles, research methods, and statistics.  Students receive advanced training in the research process, and the majority of the Daniels teams present their findings at state, regional, and national research conferences.

  1. How are the teams chosen?

Faculty members form their teams each semester based upon matched interest, qualifications, and availability.

  1. What are the areas of research?

Research studies have addressed questions relating to child outcomes in high risk environments, spiritual development, Facebook use, links between exercise and depression, attachment to God, and a variety of other topics.

  1. What level of influence do the students have on the projects?

Student roles vary on Daniels teams.  Initially, students help in finding relevant articles and synthesizing content.  However, over time, many students assume leadership roles, influence research questions and designs, conduct analyses, and lead conference presentations.

  1. What are the academic requirements?

One must have successfully completed Psyc 255 and earned an overall GPA of a 3.5.  It is also recommended that Psyc 440 is taken before or during one’s time on a Daniels team.


The Daniels Program accepts applications each spring semester for the following academic year.  Applications must be submitted annually by both potential incoming and returning students.  Applications should be completed and returned to Dr. Friberg’s mailbox (DeMoss 4008) by 4:30pm on April 1st.  Decisions will be made by blind review and notifications will be sent by June 1st.

Please download the application.

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Dr. Brianne Friberg
Department of Psychology (DeMoss 4008)