School of Education REQUIRED Background Check

PREREQUISITE FOR REGISTRATION! (see course list below)


It is our mission in Liberty’s School of Education to provide our students with an academically rigorous yet flexible program which our students can be proud of completing. Dr. Falwell always said, “If it’s Christian, it ought to be better.” In keeping with this mission, we will be requiring all students to purchase LiveText and complete background checks through American Databank (ADB) effective as of Fall 2012.

Having students purchase LiveText aids the School of Education in the assessment of our programs.  It gives us the ability to analyze how we are doing in our craft of training educators to possess the knowledge, skills and belief to work in private, public and Christian schools.  It also provides meaningful feedback, secure backup storage, and portfolio development for all of our students, which is becoming increasingly important in this age of accountability.  LiveText will be listed as a required text on MBS for all education courses effective as of Fall 2012.

Background checks have become a requirement in our partnerships and contracts with K-12 schools systems where we place students all over the world. Because of this change in climate, background check receipts from ADB will be required to register for all education courses after you complete six hours in your program. Clearance of the background checks will be required for education courses that have a field practicum. These will be set up as prerequisites which means you will not be able to register for these courses without the receipt and completion. To avoid a hold on your fall registration, submit your application to ADB. Convictions and findings reported on the background check may result in the student’s inability to be enrolled in a field practicum course and may result in dismissal from the program.  Students are also responsible to inform the [insert title of practicum coordinator] of all convictions, including any occurring during enrollment in the School of Education.  The School of Education reserves the right to make determination of field practicum placement eligibility.

We pray that you will view these changes as a personal benefit to you. Such improvements enhance the worth and value of your diploma and ultimately produce an exemplary program.

  • All School of Education candidates (licensure and non-licensure) are required to complete the background check prior to field placement in a K-12 setting. Candidates are responsible for any fees that are associated with any of the available background packages. Please note that full background checks take approximately 12-14 weeks from submission of forms to receive a report (clearance/non-clearance).
  • This service is supported by American DataBank (ADB).  All fees associated with any of the available background packages will be paid directly to ADB.

Prerequisites for Online Courses:

  • No prerequisite (ADB can be purchased on MBS for these courses):
    • EDUC 200, 205 (A.A., B.S.)
    • EDUC 500, 518, 600, 606 (M.A.T., M.Ed., M.Ed.-TL)
    • EDUC 701, 712 (Ed.S., Ed.D.)
  • Clearance required:
    • EDUC 380, 390 (B.S.)
    • EDUC 535, 554, 590s (M.A.T.)
    • EDUC 647, 648, 650, 699 (M.Ed.)
    • EDUC 696, 698 (M.Ed-TL)
    • EDUC 798, 919, 970, 980, 989, 990 (Ed.S./Ed.D.)
  • Receipt required:
    • ALL other EDCE/EDSP/EDUC courses (including intensives)

Prerequisites for Residential Courses:

  • No prerequisite:
    • EDUC 125
  • Receipt required:
    • EDUC 220, 221
  • Clearance required:
    • All other EDUC courses (EDUC 225 through EDUC 477)
    • EDSP 324, 364, 414, 474 (practicum courses)

Terms of Dismissal

A felony or other conviction reported on the background check may result in a student’s ineligibility for field practicum placement or required licensure, and may result in dismissal from the program. The School of Education reserves the right to dismiss students from the program for convictions that can affect the safety and well-being of children and adolescents. The School of Education administration has adopted standards that mirror the Virginia Department of Education licensure regulations to determine the infractions that may lead to program dismissal in programs that have a field practicum or include licensure from the Virginia Department of Education.

According to the Virginia Department of Education licensure regulations, disqualifying infractions include –

  • Conviction of any felony;
  • Conviction of any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude; and
  • Subject of a founded case of child abuse and neglect.

A student is entitled to an individualized determination on a program dismissal decision.  The student may provide sufficient information and document to demonstrate that he or she does not pose a danger to the safety and well-being of children and adolescents, and possesses the essential character traits required for placement in a professional practicum field placement and/or required licensure. The School of Education review all material presented to make the final determination as to whether the student will be found ineligible for field placement and/or required licensure dismissed from the program.


Questions concerning the background check may be sent to