Military Specialization

With many faculty who have served as military pilots, the Liberty University School of Aeronautics is more than capable of training and preparing pilots for starting their military career's. Our graduates are serving in many different branches and flying a wide variety of aircraft ranging from the B-1 Bomber to the Apache Attack Helicopter.

Our program works actively with numerous military recruiters allowing students to apply to the military branch of their choice while they earn their degree and pilot ratings.

2013 Military Graduates 2013 Military Graduates

Military Aviation students are required to complete their flight training up to the Instrument rating level. The Liberty University Military Affairs Office is a valuable source of information for every Military student. They offer assistance with Veteran benefits and many other useful resources.


The student must be:

  • An active ROTC member.
  • Contracted by a branch of the service.
  • Actively pursuing a position in the military (with a recruiter).
  • Approved by the assistant Dean to join the particular specialization.                                   

Specialization: Military (18 hours)

AVIA 245 - Military Aviation Selection Test Battery Preparation (3 credit hours)

AVIA 250 - Introduction to Space Flight (3 credit hours)

AVIA 430 - Multi-Engine Theory/Advanced Aircraft Systems (3 credit hours)

AVIA 455 - Turbine Engines/Jet Transports (3 credit hours)

BUSI 310 - Principles of Management (3 credit hours)

BUSI 201 - Intermediate Business Computer Applications (3 credit hours)

The rest of the required classes can be located on the Degree Completion Plan (DCP).