Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Dragon Eye UAS Training - Fort Picket, VAStudents during their Dragon Eye UAS Training.

Our Unmanned Aerial Systems program is the most recent addition to the degree concentrations offered by the School of Aeronautics. Students will receive a Private license with Instrument certificate just like the other concentrations, however, in addition to this, they have the opportunity to become certified UAS operators. Students in this degree program also take elective classes offered from the School of Business and the School of Government to help round out the student’s background knowledge as UAS field utilizes a diverse range of ideas and concepts.

The concentration has flight classes that will result in the student being qualified to operate two different UAS aircraft using the most common command and control system currently used in UAS worldwide today. Our graduates are already finding employment in the field that will lead to them being prepared for the surge of UAS operations within the United States once the hurdles to flying within our National Airspace System are delineated and developed.

Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems

AVIA 230 is a hybrid between an academic and a flight line class. It covers many aspects of unmanned aerial systems such as history, elements of command and control, the National Airspace System and how it relates to UAS's, current and planned FAA regulations and directives, varying categories and types of UAS's, technology in propulsion, sensors, communications and materials, and the latest operations and challenges currently facing this new growth area in aviation. Along with the academics, training is provided in the Dragon Eye with academics, simulators, and flying the aircraft in restricted airspace close to Liberty University.

The required classes for this new specialization are as follows:

General Aviation Classes:

  • AVIA 101 History of Aviation
  • AVIA 102 Aviation Orientation
  • AVIA 210 Private Pilot Ground I
  • AVIA 215 Private Pilot Ground II
  • AVIA 220 Private Flight I
  • AVIA 225 Private Flight II
  • AVIA 230 Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • AVIA 240 GPS Navigation
  • AVIA 250 Introduction to Space Flight
  • AVIA 305 Airplane Aerodynamics
  • AVIA 340 Aviation Weather
  • AVIA 400 Aerospace Law/Human Factors/Crew Resource Management
  • AVIA 460 Pilot Interview/Etiquette Techniques
  • BUSI 223 Personal Finance

Specialization Classes:

  • GOVT 380 Introduction to Intelligence 
  • GOVT 381 Intelligence Analysis
  • GOVT 383 History/Nature of Intelligence Tools
  • GOVT 483 Military Intelligence
  • GOVT 484 Strategic Intelligence
  • CSCI 340/BMIS 340 Studies in Information Security

The rest of the required classes can be located on the Degree Completion Plan (DCP).