Debate Camp Information

Arrival Time

Students should plan on arriving between 3 and 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 21nd for the first one-week camp and the two-week camp OR June 28 for the second one-week camp. Camp registration during this time will be held at DeMoss Hall, Room 2172 (The Debate Center) on the Liberty Campus. At registration, students will receive camp materials and their room assignments. The remaining balance of the institute fee will be due at registration. Checks should be made payable to Liberty University Debate. We accept cash, checks, and Credit Cards.

Departure Time

Students should be picked up between 9 and 11 a.m. on June 27 (one week camp) and July 4 (two-week camp AND second one-week camp).

Contact Information

These numbers can be used to contact students staying for LDI: (434) 582-2080, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, (434) 582-2041, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day, and (434) 582-7641 in case of emergency after hours. E mail can be sent to or the individual e-mail account that the student will be assigned during the camp.

Mail can be sent to the student at:

Student's Name
Liberty University Debate Institute, Department of Debate
MSC Box 710017
1971 University Blvd.
Lynchburg, Virginia 24515

Supplies You Need to Bring to Institute:

Bedding (pillow, sheets [for a single bed] and blanket), towels, comfortable clothes, toiletries, money, debate supplies (pens, highlighters, file folders, flow (legal) pads), spending money for extras (snacks, laundry, purchasing extra debate evidence, etc.), alarm clock, radios, baseball/softball glove, bathing suit, and tennis shoes for basketball, instruments or costumes for talent show. Students may bring radios, CD players, and laptop computers (students will have access to university computers during the institute) to the institute at their own risk. The Liberty Debate Institute assumes no liability for the loss of personal property during the institute.

Things you should not bring to institute:

  • Weapons of any type, illegal substances (including legally purchased items that can be used for illegal or dangerous substances), tobacco products, alcohol, animals.  


You may request a roommate by e-mailing the institute ( Requests are usually granted. Requests must be made by both parties.

Campus Safety

The institute employs a residence hall supervisor and resident assistants to monitor the hall. The Liberty University Police Department regularly patrols the entire campus and the hall area. The LUPD telephone number is 434-582-7641. Students may bring radios, CD players, and computers (students will have access to university computers during the institute) to the institute at their own risk. The Liberty Debate Institute assumes no liability for the loss of personal property during the institute.

Liberty University Residence Halls

Students at the Liberty University Debate Institute will live in double occupancy, air conditioned rooms in a Liberty University hall. The halls are located near laundry facilities, basketball and tennis courts and are a short walk from the academic buildings. Students must provide their own linens. Students in the halls are supervised by a full time residence hall staff, including Resident Assistants that live on each floor. Students are responsible for the condition of their rooms. Payment for damage to Liberty property is the responsibility of the offending student (s).

Liberty University Cafeteria

Meals are provided by the Liberty University cafeteria and Sodexo Food Service. Students will receive three meals a day served buffet style.

Health Services

Liberty Health Services, located on the Liberty University campus, provides medical treatment for a fee during the workshops.


Students traveling to Lynchburg may arrive by plane, train, or bus. If you need transportation from the airport, bus, or train station, please call (434) 582-2080 by June 06, 2015 to make arrangements. Transportation to and from the airport, bus or train station is provided for a cost of $10.00 each way (total $20.00 round trip which will be added to the balance due amount you must pay upon arrival). The Liberty Debate Institute assumes no liability for the use of our transportation service. Transportation from the airport is also available via Airport Limousine Service 434-239-1777.

Institute Regulations

The use of alcohol or any illegal substance will not be tolerated by the Institute and will result in immediate dismissal from the Institute at the student’s expense.

Dress Code for Camp

At the Liberty Debate Institute, summer camp attire is acceptable with a few exceptions designed to create an atmosphere conducive to education and respect for each participant. No article or clothing that displays words (in any language)/graphics that are obscene and vulgar, violent, sexually suggestive, racist and/or promote the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. No clothing that shows bare midriffs including see through material, no bare backs, no strapless tops, no low cut shirts/ blouses. No clothing that reveals undergarments or resembles undergarments. The length of shorts and skirts must be modest and tasteful. Debaters should bring dress clothes for the final day tournament.

Social Events

The Liberty Institute will offer a variety of free opportunities for our students to relax and enjoy their non debate time at Liberty including movies, swimming in our on-campus pool, miniature golf, go-karts, picnics and other events, including a camp talent show during the 1st week.  Additionally, students have access to late-night basketball after institute activities conclude.


A typical day at the institute begins at 9:00 am and ends at 9:00 pm with breaks for lunch and dinner. A variety of activities occur during the day including instruction on the topic, instruction on debate theory and debating skills, practice speeches and debates and research.  Evenings are reserved for independent research and practice as well as free time and social events.


To Liberty University: Liberty University is located on Candlers Mountain Road in the Southeast corner of Lynchburg, Virginia. Major roads through Lynchburg going North and South include Interstate 29 and State Highway 501. Divided Highway 460 serves Lynchburg from the East and West. Signs mark campus exits on both Interstate 29 and 460.