Employee Recognition

Liberty University believes that informal, department-level recognition is an important aspect of acknowledging the individual accomplishments and contributions of staff and faculty members. Personal acknowledgments can take many forms such as notes, cards, email, formal memorandums, and certificates of appreciation.

These can come directly from colleagues, customers, supervisors, managers, deans or directors, vice presidents, or the President. Informal recognition programs do not require approval, see informal recognition list.


  • People want to be recognized.
  • Spending time on team-building things actually increases productivity. 
  • A little recognition goes a long way.
  • It typically only takes a moment to recognize the efforts of a co-worker.
  • Noticing when people are doing the right thing increases the probability they will repeat it.
  • People who feel appreciated give more to the job than what is merely required.
  • New staff/faculty will instantly know what is important at Liberty when you comment on how an effort helps maintain our core values, facilitates customer service, or builds teamwork, etc.
  • Staff and faculty are individuals and respond differently to the same strategy.
  • When the relationship among co-workers is good, recognition enhances work performance.
  • To continue, please read more on developing your department's own system & specific ideas to help.