Computer, Phone, and PowerPoint Background Images

Liberty University-branded images are available for your computer wallpaper background, desktop telephone background, and as PowerPoint templates. 

Computer desktop image

Please download one of the following 1920x1080 images as your desktop background:

"You Matter" computer backgrounds are also available for download.

Cisco IP phone background

To access the CISCO phone background, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Settings button
  2. Select User Preferences
  3. Select Background Images
  4. Select a Liberty University Image
  5. Select Save and Exit

If the background does not appear on your Cisco IP Phone as an option, please submit a HelpDesk ticket with your phone's four-digit model number for troubleshooting.

Cell Phone Wallpapers

Download the following We the Champions themed wallpapers for your cell phone. 

PowerPoint Guidelines

PowerPoint® templates are available below for download and use by university departments.
For best results, use the pre-set text boxes for slide headers and text.

Note: After pasting one of the PowerPoint slides to a new document, check the small box at the bottom of the Slide Finder which says: "Keep Design of Original Slides" to retain the background.

PowerPoint Templates

Right-click the links to download.

Blue Backgrounds

White Backgrounds

Red Backgrounds