Admissions Steps: 4 A's of Admissions

Admissions Steps

Step 1: Apply | Fall Priority Deadline: Dec. 31

Apply to Liberty & Submit Your Documents

Apply Online

  • You can also apply by calling us at (800) 543-5317 to speak to one of our Admissions Counselors.
    Call Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-9 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (EST)

Next, submit your documents and claim your Liberty account

After you apply, submit the following documents:

  • Liberty University Admissions Essay
  • Official high school transcripts (not required if you have already obtained an associates degree) and college transcripts (if applicable): Transcript Request Form
    • Note: GPA's are recalculated (unweighted).
  • Your SAT score (Liberty Code: 5385), ACT score (Liberty Code: 4364), or CLT score
    • Note: The Writing section of the SAT is not considered for acceptance or Liberty scholarships. Liberty University will consider your best composite ACT score. All standardized test scores are super-scored.
  • After reviewing your application, additional information may be requested by the admissions committee.
  • Claim your myLU account. Go to myLU Sign-in > Claim Account. 
    • You will need your Liberty University ID number to claim your account. Call us at (800) 543-5317 if you experience any difficulty.

Confirm Your Scholarship Package

Submit the Confirmation Deposit and secure thousands of dollars in rewards even before being accepted.

Step 2: Accept | Fall Priority Deadline: Feb. 28

Take Assessments & Submit Your FAFSA

Once you receive your acceptance letter from Liberty:

  • Pay your $250 confirmation deposit if you haven't already done so. This deposit secures your award package, so we recommend submitting it as early as possible to receive a higher award amount.
  • Pay online or call us at (800) 543-5317.  

  • Early Class Registration for Fall 2018 Effective February 20

    New Students who place their Confirmation Deposit by March 23 will be eligible for Early New Student Class Registration. Class registration for students who have placed their Confirmation Deposit by March 23 will open on April 9, provided that the student has completed Financial Check-In and completed their appropriate Math and English Assessments. Class registration for all other new students will open on April 14. 

    Take advantage of this opportunity to register for classes early and place your Confirmation Deposit today! 

    Benefits of Early Class Registration: 

    • Create your own schedule with maximum flexibility.
    • No stress about closed sections and limited choices. 
    • Miss the long wait times on April 14 with early access.  
  • Complete your Math and English Assessments. Login to your myLU account > Blackboard > My Access > Courses > Math Assessment and English Assessment. 
  • Both assessments need to be completed in order to register for classes.
    • If your score is above 22 on the first part of the Math Assessment, you will be asked to take part 2.
    • If you have transfered college credit for mathematics or English already, you will not be required to take the respective assessment.
  • Submit your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You and a parent must sign the FAFSA electronically; to do so, both you and your parent will use the FSA ID that each will need to create before starting the FAFSA.  
  • Sign the Master Promissory Note for federal student loans and complete Entrance Counseling. For more information, visit our Financial Aid Office's website

Watch Financial Aid Q&A Livecast

Step 3: ASIST | Fall Priority Deadline: Apr. 30

Select Campus Housing & Complete Financial Check-In 

Complete Financial Check-In (FCI) through your ASIST account by following these instructions:

  • Sign-in to myLU > ASIST > Student > Financial Check-In.
  • Using ASIST, you will complete the following:
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Select Housing
    • Purchase Flames Cash
    • Review and verify Summary of Accounts and Financial Aid (scholarships, fees, and tuition costs)
    • Select payment plan
    • Make first payment

FCI Questions:

Step 4: Attend | Fall Priority Deadline: June 6

Register for Courses & Attend Orientation

Tutorial Video: Course Registration


When you have finished Financial Check-In:


Watch the Admission 101 Livecast to learn more about the admissions process.