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The IT Communications team (IT COMS) has been established to effectively represent the work of Enterprise IT. IT COMS also assists various academic and business units within the University community in connecting available technical solutions to business opportunities, as well as bringing new user requests into IT. There are six groups operating within IT COMS:

  • Business Relationship Management – provides a connection between technology’s implementers and IT’s customers.
  • Marketing – provides visibility into all current and future IT service offerings. 
  • Vendor Management – provides accountability for existing partners and cultivates new strategic relationships with external vendors.
  • Training – provides formal and practical knowledge for available technologies across the University.
  • Innovative Learning – provides a critical eye to evaluate new tools and services, primarily in academic units.
  • Customer Care – provides new means of pursuing the very best user experience for ALL IT customers.


IT Communications Leadership & Management

Joshua Frejosky  
Director, IT Communications  
Craig Hara David Guthrie
Manager, IT Marketing & Sales Manager, Technology Education Center
Nathan McGlothlin  
Program Manager