Study Abroad

Study Abroad - Frequently Asked Questions

How does Study Abroad work? 

Liberty University has partnered with affiliate study abroad organizations that already have established study abroad locations around the world. Students apply to Liberty Study Abroad office as well as to the affiliate organization for acceptance into the program of their choice. Students will travel and study abroad at a foreign institution for a summer or semester. Since the course credit  students will receive is transfer credit, students are required to meet with the Registrar Study Abroad Advisor as part of the application process. The Registrar advisor will determine which Liberty courses a student will receive credit for in advance based on the specific anticipated course load a student will take at the foreign institution. By completing this process students receive pre-approval for course credit in writing that will be helpful as they are planning their academic load.

The Liberty Signature Summer programs are short term summer programs taught by Liberty University professors on site in the foreign country of study. Students will take six hours of credit during the short term program, and will not need to meet with the Study Abroad Registrar Advisor.

For more information on which programs are available, visit the Semester or Summer program pages, and set up an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator today.

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Are there any specific requirements for Study Abroad? 

  • 3.0 GPA Current Cumulative GPA (most recent degree audit)
  • Minimum of 24 credits completed by program date (sophomore, or higher grade level)
  • Be in good standing with the Office of Student Affairs
  • Adequate financial resources and/or financial aid to cover necessary expenses
  • No outstanding balances on student account at Liberty University
  • Signed Liberty Liability Waiver
  • Passport copy

Specific programs also have GPA requirements. Check individual programs for those requirements.

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Will I be traveling alone when I go overseas?

All students traveling to a study abroad location will travel with a group flight to the location and back to the states at the completion of the program. Students participating with an affiliated program will travel with a group, however some students in the group may be from other universities around the US who have been accepted to the affiliate study abroad program as well. Students participating on the Liberty Summer Signature Programs will travel with fellow Liberty students only.

Upon arriving on site in the foreign country, students will receive a welcome and orientation session by the directors on site.

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How safe is it to study abroad?

The Liberty Study Abroad Office and Liberty Administration carefully choose each affiliate program based on several elements, with safety being a top priority. The Liberty Study Abroad office is confident that the locations and campuses that students are being sent are in a safe environment. Students undergo pre-departure and safety training before traveling to their study abroad semester. Students and parents are informed of the emergency procedures and have access to information that will assist students while overseas.  The Study Abroad office is in constant contact with the on-site directors as well as the state side affiliate program advisors before and during a student’s study abroad experience. If there is a threat of danger or unstable situation were to arise, the Liberty Study Abroad office and affiliate program will make arrangements for students to be transported immediately back to the states.

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What is the housing situation for studying abroad?

Housing depends on which country a student will be studying in. Some countries offer on-campus housing, whereas in some countries students may be staying with a host family. All host families have been screened by the affiliate program and offer a comfortable living situation for the students while in their home. Additional information as well as images of the various campuses can be found by visiting the specific country webpage which can be linked to from the Semester or Summer Program pages.

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Do I need to know the language of the country to which I am traveling?

English is the language of instruction in the majority of the countries offered to students to study abroad. There are a few countries in which students will need to have completed two to four college level semesters  or the equivalent in order to be eligible to study abroad in that country.

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When should I begin the study abroad application process?

Even though students are not able to study abroad until their sophomore year, it is never too soon to begin the process. We encourage freshman to make an appointment to see the Study Abroad Program coordinator in order to gather information and decide which program is right for them. We encourage students to begin the process at least a year in advance of when they would like to study abroad.

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How does the application process work?

Students can obtain the required forms from the study abroad website, and make an appointment with the Program Coordinator who will walk them through the application process step by step.

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What are the application packet deadlines?

Students will need to submit their entire application packet to the Study Abroad office by the following dates:

Feb. 1 – Summer Programs ($500 summer program deposit also required on this date)

March 15 - Fall Programs 

Sept. 30– Spring Program

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What are the payment deadlines?

Students will need to have their payments or financial aid paperwork completed by the following dates:

May 1 – Summer Programs

July 1 – Fall Programs

Dec. 15 – Spring Programs

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Is financial aid available to help with the expenses of Study Abroad?

Yes, if students meet federal financial aid guidelines and are a degree-seeking student at Liberty. Any loans or grants can be utilized for students who meet eligibility requirements. Outside scholarships are available to assist students in payment as well; students can find links to scholarship information by visiting the Helpful Links page.

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Is there someone I can speak with about financial aid for Study Abroad?

Yes, students can contact the Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor in the Student Financial Aid Office. This advisor works with study abroad students to determine eligibility and levels of aid available. You can email the Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor to make an appointment. Students need to make sure to include their id number and contact information when e-mailing any office on campus.

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Will my scholarships be held for me when I return to Liberty?

Although Liberty Institutional Aid cannot be used towards Study Abroad all Liberty scholarships will be held for the student for when they return to Liberty following their study abroad semester.

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What if I want to go to a country or study abroad program that is not affiliated with Liberty?

Students are able to pursue study abroad programs that are not affiliated with Liberty, however students are encouraged to read over the policy on non-affiliated study abroad programs:

Students who are considering a study abroad program are strongly encouraged to participate in a Liberty University sponsored program in order to maintain their current student status and simplify enrollment.

Students opting for a non-Liberty approved program must first meet with a representative from the Study Abroad office to discuss how such a program will affect their student status and the re-enrollment process. Students wishing to return to Liberty after participating in a non-approved program will assume a transfer student status and may need to repeat the admissions process before enrolling for classes.

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Are LUO students able to study abroad through Liberty?

Currently LUO students are eligible to participate in the Liberty Summer Signature Programs. LUO students can apply for semester programs directly through the affiliate program, and will need to contact the LUO transfer department to make sure that credits will transfer properly to Liberty after the completion of their study abroad program.

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Are graduate students able to study abroad through Liberty?

Currently Graduate Students are unable to study abroad through the Liberty Study Abroad Office, as the courses that are offered are undergraduate course credit.  

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