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Legislative Committees

The Student Senate is comprised of seven committees that either deal with specific types of legislation or serve vital roles in the legislative and administrative processes in the Senate and the SGA as a whole. Committee signups generally take place during the first Senate meeting of the year, or when a new Senator is sworn into the senate. The best way to contact the committee chair of a particular committee is by email, which is listed below.

The Committee on the Budget

The Committee on the Budget is responsible for preparing the SGA's annual budget, reviewing treasury reports, overseeing club funding, and assisting with SGA fundraising, as well as carrying out other duties assigned by the Executive Council. 

Andy Shiver

Budget Committee Chairman


Office Hours:

TR: 9:30am-12pm

The Committee on Campus Concerns

The Committee on Campus Concerns plays a major role on the campus of Liberty University. As the name suggests, this committee deals with on-campus needs and issues and is responsible for drafting and passing legislation for improvements on campus, as well as advocating the needs of students to administrative offices and university departments.

Nicole Canale

Campus Concerns Committee Chairwoman


Office Hours:

W: 1:30pm-3:30pm






The Committee for Clubs

The primary responsibility of The Committee for Clubs is to oversee relations between the SGA and Official University Clubs, as well as any other duties assigned to it by the Council.

Celeste Martin

Clubs Committee Chairwoman


Office Hours:

MW: 11am-12pm

F: 12pm-2pm







The Committee on Rules

The Committee on Rules crafts and approves bylaws and constitutional amendments, guarantees the constitutionality of all legislation, and ensures the proper function and parliamentary procedure in all branches of the Student Government Association, as well as any other matters requested by another branch of the SGA. The Committee on Rules has concurrent jurisdiction with all committees for the purpose of ascertaining constitutionality and proper procedure of all legislation.

Stephen LaFountain

Rules Committee Chairman

Speaker of the Senate






The Committee on Spiritual Life

The Committee on Spiritual Life deals with issues concerning dorm life, student leadership (OSL), and other aspects of the University's Spiritual Life Department. Additionally, this committee deals with the spiritual needs of those within the SGA.

Quincy Thompson

Spiritual Life Committee Chairman


Office Hours:

M: 3pm-5pm

W: 3pm-5pm





The Committee for Athletic Relations

The primary responsibility of the Committee for Athetic Relations is to oversee relations between the Student Government Association and the sports teams within the University, as well as any other duties assigned to it by the Council.

Jonathan Holmes

Athletic Relations Committee Chairman


Office Hours:

MWF: 2pm-4pm