Scholarships - Canadian Students

Liberty University offers Canadian students a generous "Canadian Discount" of 20% off room, board and fees. Academic Year 2016/2017 Liberty University is offering a generous 30% discount off tuition. This discount, combined with other scholarships, makes Liberty one of the most affordable accredited Christian universities in either the U.S. or Canada!

Below is a listing of some of the available scholarships. All dollar amounts are in USD. For more information on basic tuition and housing costs, see the Canadian Cost Breakdown PDF.


Other Scholarships

(Can be combined with Canadian Discount)

  • Academic Scholarships 
    76-85 2.7-3.29 $1,000
    86-95 3.3-3.79 $2,000
    96-100 3.8-4 $3,000  
  • $8,000 Liberty Champion Award, First Year $1,000; Second Year $2,000; Third Year $2,250 and Fourth Year $2,750. (Presently awarded to all new residential Canadian applicants).
  • $1,500-$500 Early Deposit Award Amount awarded to residential Canadian applicants who submit a $250 Confirmation Deposit on or before the published deadlines.

    • Submit online

    • Pay by phone: Call the admissions office at 1-800-543-5317

  • Honors Program Scholarship $4,000 per year. Those with a high school Grade Average of 90 or higher are eligible to apply. This scholarship is competitive and has application deadlines.  Contact for more information.

Please contact the Canadian Admissions Counselor for confirmation of your scholarship package

Note: Scholarship packages will not change after arrival. The amounts listed on the I-20 form will not change and students will need to maintain sponsorship for their entire degree. 

Canadian student loans

Canadian students studying in the U.S. may be eligible to apply for student loans through the Canadian government. Information is provided below.

National Student Loans Service Centre