Judaic Studies


Israel Adventure Study Tour
June 4-15, 2016

with Dr. & Mrs. Randall Price

Travel to Israel and Earn Course Credit
Travel to Israel and Earn Course Credit

Be a part of this specialized and extensive twelve-day tour throughout the Land of Israel. Study the history, archeology, geography, religion and culture of ancient and modern Israel. This thirteen-day course will take you to the land of the Bible, and includes many biblical sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Coastal Plain, Galilee, Caesarea, Megido, Nazareth, Tiberias, Golan Heights, Jordan Valley, Judean Dessert, Beth-Shean, Jericho, the Dead Sea, Masada, and Qumran. Download the complete itinerary.

Price $4,249*

  • Total price includes application fees, background check, United airfare from Newark Liberty, 4 and 5 star Hotels with half board (Breakfast and Dinner), all Guide/Bus/Tips cost and travel insurance.
  • Please note that our tour has a very full schedule and sometime involves strenuous walking so be aware of these conditions and your physical capabilities.

Earn Course Credit**

You will be able to apply the course credit toward anyone of the courses below as long as they can be a part of your Degree Completion Plan (DCP).

BIBL 104 - Survey of Biblical Literature
BIBL 105 - Old Testament Survey
BIBL 110 - New Testament Survey
BIBL 434 - General Studies in Israel Download BIBL 434 syllabus
BIBL 471 - Biblical Archaeology
BIBL 473 - Old Testament Backgrounds
BIBL 472 - New Testament Backgrounds
BIBL 330 - Life of Christ

*The tuition fees for three credit hours are in ADDITION to the cost of the tour.
**Participants may only enroll in one of the above listed three-credit-hour courses.

Financial Aid/Student Loans can only apply toward the course credit, but not toward the cost of the tour.

If you are interested in course substitution, it has to be for a required course in your DCP and one of the courses listed above. Please indicate the course you would like to substitute on your Trip Application, and we will take care of it for you.

Requests for course credit will be submitted manually by LU Send office according to the info you submit in your trip application below. This will be done as soon as Summer 2016 courses are open. Once registered, you will need to complete financial check-in through ASIST like you would for any other course with Liberty University (this is on top of the tour fees).

Application & Registration

  1. Complete and submit the LU Send Application.
  2. Once your application has been approved, complete the Tour Registration Form and submit to: adevans@liberty.edu
  3. Submit your $1,600 deposit to the LU Send Payment Portal

*Last day to register and secure your spot is March 15, 2016.

Payment Schedule

  • $1,600 deposit is due upon registration ($200 are non-refundable processing fees.)
  • Remaining balance is due by March 15, 2016

*LU Send will send a payment schedule to trip participants.

Submit all payments through the LU Send Payments Portal


For questions, contact Ayelet Evans at the Center for Judaic Studies:
Phone: (434) 592-3249
Email: adevans@liberty.edu

We look forward to exploring Israel with you!


Here is some of what people say about our trip:

Change Your Life in Two Weeks! A word from Dr. Randall Price

“We both have the utmost respect for Dr. Price and cannot say enough about his tours. They are professional, educational, informative, and the best planned itinerary we have ever had.”
- Bob & Beverly C., Sevierville, TN -

“There is the dimension of fellowship and enrichment that cannot be described, only experienced by joining you.”
- Arlin and Lois  P., Fullerton,California -

"The experience was wonderful. I have been to Israel 3 other times with other tour groups and this by far was the best tour! Randall and Beverlee were wonderful! Thank you both for making us feel welcomed and special."
- Jim and Kathy J. , Litella, GA -

“This was our fifth trip to Israel and it was the best!”
- Owen and Betty H., Aiken SC -

"The trip was a trip of a lifetime... far more than I had hoped for!”
- Danny M., Houston, TX -

- Charlotte B., Spring, TX -

"It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Randall was an excellent teacher, but he was also a humble servant who looked out for us and took really great care to meet all our needs. Amazing, life changing trip!"
- Andy and Anne W., Sugarland, TX -