Residential Courses

The following courses are offered as part of a Minor and a Concentration in Jewish Studies or as electives through the School of Religion. Registration can be completed through ASIST or the Registrar office.

Current & Upcoming Courses:

History of Ancient IsraelHistory of Anti-Semitism - SPRING 2014 (3 cr.)

CHHI 405-001
Dr. Randall Price


A study of the history of anti- Semitism from ancient times to the modern period. Consideration will be given to the question of New Testament influence, early church attitudes, the rise of medieval anti- Semitism, the Crusades, Islamic anti-Semitism, Reformation and Post-Reformation period, the rise of Nazism, Anti-Zionism and the post-9/11 resurgence.
Spring 2014 Syllabus

Previously Taught Courses

Israelology SeminarIsraelology Seminar - SPRING 2014 INTENSIVE (3 cr.)
JANUARY 6-10, 2014

BIBL 431-001
Dr. Randall Price

A systematic study of Israel and the Jewish People as a central and defining feature of biblical theology. Consideration will be given to the importance and central role of Israel’s biblical covenants, Israel’s relationship with the church and Israel future in the divine program.
Spring 2014 Syllabus

Messianic Prophecy - SPRING 2013 (3 cr.)

BIBL 432-001 / THEO 497
Dr. Randall Price

An exegetical study of the Old Testament prophecies concerning Messiah and their fulfillment in the New Testament. The course will also interact with standard Jewish objections relating to Jesus’ messianic claims and examine ancient and modern Rabbinic interpretations of selected messianic prophecies. Key Old Testament passages will be examined along with their New Testament fulfillment.
Spring 2013 Syllabus

The Jewish TempleThe Jewish Temple in History and Prophecy - FALL 2012 (3 cr.)

BIBL 497-002 / GOVT 497-001 / HIST 497-001 / THEO 597-001 / OBST 697-001
Dr. Randall Price

This course is an examination of the historical, theological, and prophetic significance of the Jewish Temple and its various forms in the Bible. Additionally this course will examine the literature of the Second Temple Period and its religious and political impact on relations between Christians, Jews and Muslims from ancient to modern times.
Fall 2012 Syllabus.

History of the Jewish PeopleHistory of the Jewish People INTENSIVE - SPRING 2011 (3 cr.)

BIBL 497-371 / HIEU 497-371 / OBST 597-371
Dr. Adeeb Mickahail

The history of the Jewish people from their beginning as a distinct Semitic people to the present is surveyed. The course covers the historical periods of the Jewish people’s 4000 years of existence, their cultural contributions to civilization, and their interaction and problems with other nations and religions. This study will be taught from a biblical worldview that understands the past, the present, and future purpose of the Jewish People in the revealed plan of God.
Spring 2011 Syllabus