Staff Profiles

Ayelet Evans

Ayelet Evans
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Randall Price

(434) 592-3249

Born and raised in Israel, Ayelet moved to the U.S. in 1998 in search of the truth. Finding it in Yeshua, she became a Jewish Believer in May of 2008.

Ayelet worked in the office environment for many years, serving in different capacities. She joined the Center for Judaic Studies as Dr. Randall Price's administrative assistant at the end of 2009. Her Jewish background, fluency in Hebrew, and her love for Yeshua as well as her understanding of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith are being utilized at the Center daily.

Since coming to faith, Ayelet started a ministry called "The WORD in HEBREW" with the hope to help people get in touch with Biblical Hebrew and the Jewish Roots of Christianity.

Ayelet enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies, vegetarian foods, and appreciates opportunities to learn more and converse about God and His plan.

Dan StuartDan Stuart
Graduate Student Assistant (GSA)

(434) 592-5290

Dan serves at the Center for Judaic Studies as Dr. Price’s Graduate Assistant. He also teaches Apologetics online for the School of Religion at Liberty University. Additionally, Dan is preparing for a future role as a pastor and, when the time is right, will pursue professorship. Having already ministered to the Church in a number of ways, Dan has been able to discover his passion for teaching and rightly dividing God’s Word. He enjoys breaking down the complexities of Scripture for others and helping them understand and apply its eternal truths. God’s Word is like a consuming fire in his heart and bones, and He cannot hold it back (Jeremiah 20:9). 
Dan is married to his lovely wife, Kallie, who also works for Liberty University—the very place where they first met! Kallie has a lot of experience in the mission field and holds a BS in Global Studies from Liberty University. Together, they are pursuing the goal of planting a church in the greater Philadelphia area.

Dan is in the final stages of earning his Master of Divinity at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, with a specialization in Old Testament and Old Testament cognate language. He currently holds a BS in Biblical Studies and an academic minor in Intercultural Studies. His plan is to pursue doctoral studies and the opportunity to advance his knowledge and, more importantly, further his love of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Christy ConnellChristy Connell
Teaching Assistant (TA)

(434) 592-3773

A Florida native, Christy is working towards her BS in History with a minor in Judaic Studies at Liberty University. Once she completes her undergrad she plans on working towards her Master’s Degree in Archaeology or Anthropology. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, hiking, watching movies, and playing the guitar.