Student Conduct


Saturday Academy

Saturday Academy

Saturday Academy is an educational program with three components:

  • classroom time with lecture and discussion
  • service project time
  • final written assignment

The curriculum begins with basics on wisdom and decision making, viewing life as a stewardship, restoration and reconciliation in relation to the University, God and others. The curriculum then focuses on specific areas applicable to those students who are in attendance.

The entire morning is designed with this in mind: you the student have done something to harm your relationship with the University, and possibly God and other people in your life; the Office of Student Conduct would like to help you to be reconciled, earning back trust and respect which you have tarnished. This experience combines learning styles for a truly educational experience with listening, discussion, hands on service and a written assignment requiring critical thinking.



"I was so enlightened during the lecture portion of Academy and I really loved how the morning started off with scripture from Proverbs. The service part of Academy I think is also smart because like we learned in lecture; "actions show what's in the heart." As children of God we should have a servants heart. I learned a lot that day."

"I was expecting to totally be torn apart by the conduct officers but that was not the case. I was rebuked in the love of Christ. They were kind and very educational. My attitude changed the second the lecture was started."