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About Clickers & Receivers

Liberty University prides itself on providing state-of-the-art technology for its students, faculty, and staff. Technological innovation is especially important when it comes to facilitating learning in the classroom. Recently, faculty have begun to use audience response systems, or ‘clickers,’ in their courses. These systems allow students to respond instantaneously, thereby making polls, surveys, and quizzes a breeze.

Educational benefits include:

  • Transforming the classroom into an interactive and engaging learning environment
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Conduct short quizzes to quickly check student compression pre- or post-assignment
  • Experience increased attendance and participation
  • Rapid polling of student’s views or opinions
  • Environmentally-friendly replacement of Scantrons and paper tests.

Turning Technologies Overview/Benefits

Liberty University has selected Turning Technologies as the sole audience response solution (clickers) for our faculty, staff, and students. Turning Technologies is a global leader in the field of audience response, accumulating numerous awards for their innovative audience response solutions. Organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett Packard, the McDonald’s Corporation and over half of all U.S. colleges and universities currently use their technology.

Turning Technologies was selected with both faculty and student in mind. Faculty will enjoy the aforementioned educational benefits, while students will benefit from a system geared towards maximizing learning while also minimizing cost.

Benefits of Turning Technologies:

  • One-time purchase (Use the same clicker from freshman to senior year)
  • No subscription fees
  • Use the same clicker for all your classes
  • Wide range of uses supported by software designed by Turning Technologies.

How to get started using Clickers

Faculty can request a complimentary Clicker and Receiver from Liberty University IT Training and Testing, as well as training on the clicker system provided by interns from Turning Technologies. Faculty that desire to incorporate Clickers into their courses should notify their department head and the Liberty Bookstore before submitting their textbook order for the following semester.

How students can purchase Clickers

Clickers are available for purchase through the Liberty Bookstore. Students are encouraged to keep their clicker throughout their college career; however, if students wish to sell their clicker, the Liberty Bookstore will buy-back used clickers in a fashion similar to textbooks.

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