“After spending thousands of dollars and wasting a year of my time in my attempt to self-publish, I was blessed to find Liberty University Press. In one month, their team completed the entire publishing process, including a total redesign of my book, and I had printed books in hand. My cost for the books, as well as the retail cost to the public, has become affordable, and I have a professionally published book that is now available at all online and offline retail outlets. Amazing!” — Max Mills, author of Journey


“As vast changes continue to alter the landscape of the publishing industry, the expertise, efficiency and rapid response of Liberty University Press defines them as a key partner for any author. Surpassing even impressive service, however, is the unswerving commitment of Liberty University Press to reach lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ.” — Peter W. Rosenberger, author of Gracie: Standing with Hope



“Liberty University Press allowed me to tell a compelling story that has already touched hundreds of lives. With the book available online in a relatively short amount of time, people all over the country have been able to read an amazing testimony that inspired them in their faith and encouraged them to lead lives that are pleasing to God.”— Mitzi Bible, co-author of My Secret Place: Living with AIDS & Addiction — A Man Who Gave Up Homosexuality for God


“The entire staff at Liberty University Press seemed to respond instantly, and led me through the entire publishing process with great sensitivity and encouragement. The ability to reflect my thoughts and desires for the book was phenomenal. Even the design of the cover was amazing because it reflected the message behind my journey so well. I never felt pressured; I only felt supported in my endeavors. Liberty University Press is a gift from God to me, and I pray their growth and ministry will continue under His blessing.” — Jetti Harris, author of God's Song: Finding Truth in Music


“My experience with Liberty University Press was very rewarding. Along with providing me with a personal connection throughout the publishing process, they upheld a very high standard of integrity and professionalism that was second to none. If an author is looking for a publisher that will do an excellent job producing a quality book and providing mainstream distribution, I highly recommend Liberty University Press.”Kevin Benton, author of A Field Trip to Hell


Strength Renovation: Rebuilding Faith Communities


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with the publishing team at Liberty University Press. The members of the team are skilled professionals; each one made a unique contribution and graciously considered my proposed changes. The level of collaboration was incredible."  Nick Palmieri, author of Strength Renovation: Rebuilding Faith Communities