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  • Christian colleges make Hispanic education part of mission

       10.31.2010 | It seems like every college is working to recruit more Hispanic students. And with good reason: Colleges are all looking at the same demographic projections. ...
  • Rapper representing Liberty with LU anthem

       10.30.2010 | Jason Lewis, who performs under the hip-hop name "Humble Tip," busts a rhyme in front of the pillared facade of DeMoss Hall, Liberty University's main academic building.
  • Liberty tops state's private-school tuition aid

       10.19.2010 | The evangelical Liberty University received the most state funding last year through a program that provides grants to students who attend private schools. ...
  • LU instructor wages shoeless crusade with soles of his feet

       10.2.2010 | Daniel Howell walks barefoot across the cement floor of Dickey's Barbecue Pit, past the condiment stand and public restrooms, to join his family in a booth. ...
  • Bigger, flashier Williams Stadium readies for game

       10.1.2010 | Liberty University athletics director Jeff Barber stood outside his office, charcoal suit jacket slung over his shoulder, conducting his fifth media interview of the day about the opening of the renovated Williams Stadium.
  • Broadway-sized 'Hairspray' to open Tower Theater

       9.22.2010 | The cast of Liberty University's production of "Hairspray" is taking full advantage of its new digs, a state-of-the-art theater inside the tallest building on campus.
  • Teacher of the Year named

       9.17.2010 | Teacher of the Year is known for getting the best out of her students at Hilton Head Island School for the Creative Arts. ...
  • 'November is Coming' bus stops at Liberty

       9.9.2010 | A group calling themselves Americans for Prosperity showed up in Lynchburg for a political rally at Liberty University. ...
  • New stage set to open at LU

       8.25.2010 | Just in time for classes, Liberty University unveiled its $7 million Tower Theater, a project that transformed an 85-foot-tall warehouse on North Campus into a state-of-the art performing arts facility.
  • Liberty faculty remember Jill Jones

       8.10.2010 | Faculty members say Jill Jones came to Liberty, because she could share her faith with her students. ...
  • Liberty University celebrates law school accreditation

       8.9.2010 | Liberty University is celebrating a major accomplishment for its law school. ...
  • Study: Liberty puts $220M into region

       7.17.2010 | Many have speculated how much money Liberty University contributes to the area - now there are hard numbers to prove it. ...
  • Lynchburg area celebrates Independence Day

       7.5.2010 | Central Virginia marked Independence Day with everything from snowboarding at Liberty University's Snowflex Centre.
  • McDonnell stops at Liberty

       6.24.2010 | Gov. Bob McDonnell returned to Lynchburg to speak at Boy's State on the campus of Liberty University. ...
  • McDonnell names commission on higher ed.

       5.28.2010 | Gov. Bob McDonnell has announced the members of his commission on higher education reform, innovation and investment. This includes Liberty Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. ...