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Enrollment Verification

A student is enrolled when they are registered for a course and have attended the course and/or completed academic work for the course after its start date.  For enrollment verification purposes, a student’s time status (Ex: full-time, part-time, etc) does not change when that student withdraws from a class, unless the student has been withdrawn from all of their courses.  When a student has withdrawn from all of their in progress courses, this constitutes a ceasing of enrollment. 

Liberty University does not charge additional fees for student identity verification. 


Full-time Enrollment

Undergraduate: 12 credit hours 
Graduate: 9 credit hours 
Doctoral: 6 credit hours

Half-time Enrollment

Undergraduate/Graduate: 6 credit hours 
Doctoral: 3 credit hours

Deferment Related Requests

Lender policy requires students to be enrolled at least half-time in order to qualify for deferment.

To lenders, the term “enrolled” refers to being actively involved in coursework. If you only take classes during one 8-week sub-term, your loans will be taken out of deferment as soon as those classes end. If you enroll for the spring B-term (first 8-weeks), your loans will remain in deferment from January to March, but will be taken out of deferment the day after your B-term classes end. If at all possible, try to register for classes during both the B and D sub-terms each semester. By doing so, you will ensure that your loans remain in deferment for the entire duration of a semester.

Liberty utilizes the National Clearinghouse update to inform lenders of your enrollment. This process takes up to 6 weeks to fully update. If necessary, in order to expedite the verification process you may request a verification letter to be sent to your lenders by clicking the link below, titled “Student Enrollment Verification Request.” This will prompt you to log in using your liberty email address as the username. Fill out the online form and a verification letter will be processed for you within 48 hours.

We are unable to send verification of current enrollment to your lender until the add/drop period passes, but you may submit the request once you have registered for the upcoming term. We will hold the request and send the letter to your lender(s) after the add/drop period. For online students, letters will be sent the day after classes begin. For resident students, letters will be sent the Monday of the second week of classes.

Student Enrollment Verification form  
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Insurance Related Requests

Students above age 18 are required to be enrolled full-time in order to remain on parent/guardian insurance plans. If you need a verification letter for insurance purposes, please submit a request via the request link below.

Student Enrollment Verification form 
This form is an online form, you are not able to download this.  It must be filled out and submitted electronically. 

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If you have a verification or deferment form that must be filled out and signed by the Registrar, you may submit it to the Registrar’s office in person, mail, scan and email, or fax it to the Registrar’s office. Please provide a recipients address, fax number, or email address with your form(s).

Registrar's Office
1971 University Boulevard
MSC Box 710177
Lynchburg, VA 24515

Fax:  434-582-2187

Email: enrollmentverification@liberty.edu

Canadian Students

Please send the Program Information and Certificate of Eligibility (Canadian Student Loan Agreement) forms to the Registrar's Office so we can accurately verify your enrollment dates. If the enrollment dates are inaccurate, it can delay provincial aid by 6 to 8 weeks. If you have questions, please email enrollmentverification@liberty.edu.