2009-10 recipient of the Christian/Community Service Volunteer of the Year Award, Aly Sievers

Aly is a Senior El. Ed. Major with a concentration in Science and Social Science. After her graduation she plans on remaining in Lynchburg to student teach, work on a biblical studies degree and eventually obtain her Masters in Education. Since coming to Liberty Aly’s volunteer efforts have included assisting with CFAW, Go Tell camps and serving in her home church in South Carolina.  

Mr. Chris Devlin, her supervisor, recommended her for this award. Devlin is the leader of Saturday Serve, an urban ministry associated with Gospel Community Church. This ministry reaches out to the needy area off Florida Avenue in Lynchburg through service projects and evangelism. What impressed Devlin most about Aly were her "selflessness," "love for Christ" and "willingness to serve." When given the challenge of discipling a family that had just come to Christ, Aly jumped at the opportunity and has since taken it upon herself to visit this family several times a week and take one of the ladies to a Women’s Bible study every Wednesday night.  And according to Devlin, Aly has been available to help this family through their trying times as new believers, even when inconvenient for her.  When they have a crisis “they’re callin’ Aly” he says, and she willingly drops everything to help them through.  Aly has been encouraged to see this family coming to grow spiritually and trust God more in their daily lives.

Aly has come a long way in her spiritual growth and understanding of service.  When she first came to Liberty as a freshmen she hated Lynchburg, and even thought the CSER requirement was a bit “shady.”  She did not think people should be required to serve, or they would do it with a bad attitude.  She admits that she herself did not want to spend her time helping others.  Her whole outlook on service has changed.  She now views service in the area of peoples’ physical needs as something that makes telling them about Christ easier.  She excitedly explains, “I have found it more and more encouraging, that sharing my faith is no longer this nerve wracking thing because of all the time that I have spent serving. I think that as Christians we need to live as servants of Christ . . . It seriously has been the biggest blessing, and I know that my life has dramatically changed for the better when I started giving myself away, doing what God wants me to do, and serving people.” 

This is the basis of the advice she would give to her fellow Liberty students regarding their CSER whom she encourages to, “Make the most out of what you’re going to do, find what you’re good at and what is associated with your major, and maybe you’ll get to lead people to Christ, that’s awesome.” It is clear that Aly Sievers gets excited about people coming to know Christ.

And this is why she finds such a connection to Saturday Serve. She explains its mission as being “to show the love of Christ, to love on people, serve people, meet their needs. Ultimately I think people are more apt to come to know Christ [when we] make them feel that they are loved, and that we will help them in any situation that they have, all the while having them know that it’s all for Christ; not to bring glory to ourselves but to God.”  She further states, “It really does depend on . . . where you are with Christ. People who don’t follow Christ or love Christ are not going to necessarily want to give up their time and go out there and serve.  Everything we do is for us, usually, except when you have Christ in it, it’s not about us at all.” Well said, Aly!

We celebrate this Christ-like model of serving others as a platform for spreading the good news and making disciples. We honor Aly Sievers for her selfless service and as a loving, self-motivated servant of Christ. In all of her service through the years, and especially this past one, Aly has been a model citizen and servant, and exactly the kind of Champion for Christ we hope will leave this university and commit to a lifetime of service no matter what profession they pursue.

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If doing service projects as a means to get to know people and lead them to know Christ is your interest, Aly and Chris want you to know that Saturday Serve welcomes you to their Saturday morning Bible Study and Brunch which starts at 10 am and is followed by the service projects to needy families. The Bible Study/Brunch takes place at 405 Yeardley Ave. You can also contact either Aly Sievers or Chris Devlin via Facebook for more information. They would love to hear from you. Contact Chris Devlin to learn more about Saturday Serve at (434) 401-7468, or Email

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