Policy Debate Labs - Sample 1-Week Lab Schedule

2015 Liberty Debate Institute

Sunday, June 21

3:00-5:00 pm                                       Registration (Debate Center)

8:00 pm                                              Pizza Party and Opening Assembly

Monday, June 22

7:30-8:45 am                                       Breakfast (Cafeteria)

9:00 am                                              Topic Lecture 

11:00 am                                             Skills Lab

12:00 pm                                             Lunch (Cafeteria)

1:00 pm                                               Lecture “Effective Flowing”

2:30 pm                                               Lab Practicum-Flowing Skills

5:30 pm                                               Dinner (Cafeteria)

6:30 pm                                               Free Time

7:00 pm                                               Activity--Debate Crazy Olympics

Tuesday, June 23

7:30-8:45 am                                        Breakfast (Cafeteria)

9:00 am                                                Lecture “Survey of Affirmatives”                                            

10:00 am                                              Lab

12:00 pm                                              Lunch (Cafeteria)

1:00 pm                                                Lecture “Electronic Research”

2:30 pm                                                Lab Practicum-Computer Instruction

3:30 pm                                                Group Topics

5:00 pm                                                Dinner (Cafeteria)

6:30 pm                                                Demonstration Debate
                                                            Debate Center

8:30 pm                                                Free Time

Wednesday, June 24

7:30-8:45 am                                        Breakfast (Cafeteria)

9:00 am                                                Lecture “Kritik’s on the Topic”

10:30 am                                              Lab Practicum: Kritik Minidebates

12:00 pm                                              Lunch (Cafeteria)

1:00 pm                                                Skills Lab 

5:00 pm                                                Dinner (Cafeteria)

6:30 pm                                                Lecture “Persuasive Speaking”                                                       

7:30 pm                                                Activity--LaHaye Athletic Center

Thursday, June 25

7:30-8:45 am                                        Breakfast (Cafeteria)

9:00 am                                                Lab-Practice Round Preparation

12:00 pm                                              Lunch (Cafeteria)

1:00 pm                                                Practice Debates I and II

5:00 pm                                                Dinner (Cafeteria)

6:30 pm                                                Rebuttal Redo’s

8:30 pm                                                Activity--Camp Talent Show


Friday, June 26

7:30-8:45 am                                        Breakfast (Cafeteria)

9:00 am                                                Practice Debate III

11:00 am                                              Lab 

12:00 pm                                              Lunch (Cafeteria)

1:00 pm                                                Practice Debate IV

3:00 pm                                                Lab                                                        

5:00 pm                                                Dinner (Cafeteria)

6:30 pm                                                Closing Assembly

7:30 pm                                                Activity—Trip to the Movies

Saturday, June 27

7:30-8:45 am                                        Breakfast (Cafeteria)

9:00 am                                               Clean up and move out (First Week and Coaches)

Free Time activities at the dorm include softball, kickball, dodge ball, basketball, board game tournaments, movies (checked out through the RAs), capture the flag, etc. 

The camp debate tournament is at the end of the second week.