Executive Council


Adam Miller

Angie Pacitti

Email: ampacitti@liberty.edu

Bio: Angela Pacitti is a senior business major with a double concentration in Human Resource Management, Communications and a minor in Global Studies. She is from Cherry Hill, New Jersey! It is her second year on the SHRM executive team and prior to being President she was the Chair of Membership and Recruitment! She enjoys hanging out with her friends, drinking coffee, and taking pictures! She plans to graduate in the spring and pursue grad school as well as a job in a Christian non-profit or work at integrating human resources within the church ministry field! She loves people and leadership development and is so excited to lead the SHRM team and to help students prepare for their careers while leading them closer to Christ! 

Vice President

Mark Thompson

Molly Lesher

Bio: Molly is the Vice President for the SHRM chapter. She is majoring in Human Resource Management and Digital Marketing. Molly is currently in her senior year at Liberty. This is Molly’s first year on the executive team. Her hometown is Purcellville, Va. and her passions include coffee, watercolor painting, and working out. Her future goals are to gain experience in HR and Digital marketing and help startups develop their business, and open up a coffee shop in Northern Va. She is excited to work with the team to make a difference in the School of Business and serve other students.


Christopher Knight

Mariel Finger

Bio: Mariel is currently the secretary of LU SHRM. She is majoring in Business Administration: Marketing. She is in her junior year at Liberty. She has been on the executive team for two years now. She is a pole vaulter for Liberty track and field and loves to go hiking and spend time at the beach and the lake. She is from the Charlotte area of North Carolina. After Mariel graduates she plans to pursue a career in a Marketing or Sales related industry. This year Mariel is excited to grow professionally with the SHRM team and help others exemplify professional qualities in the workplace.

Director of Finance

Alison Digges

Nick Frost

Bio: Nick is a sophomore at Liberty. He is the Director of Finance for the SHRM chapter. This is Nick’s first year on the executive team and is looking forward to working with the executive team and everyone within SHRM while making a difference in the people around him. His hobbies include soccer, baseball, football, and missions work. Nick’s future goals are to be able to work with individuals who suffer from concussions and traumatic brain Injuries.

Co-Chair of Event Management

Marcus Thomas

Kenny Rousselo

Bio: Kenneth is majoring in business administration with cognates in human resource management, project management, and international business. He is currently a junior at Liberty. This will be his second year on the executive team and fill a co-chair position of event management alongside of Hannah Mitchel. Kenneth was born and raised in Cary, North Carolina. He spends his time enjoying reading, traveling, and education.  He hopes to go on to Seminary to pursue a life of missions in some aspect. He is excited at the chance to better equip students to communicate their value and the skills they have attained from their degrees in the HR realm.

Chair of Digital Media

Rachel Godwin

Andrew Ray

Bio: Andrew is the Chair of Digital Media. This is his first year on the executive board of SHRM. He is a double major in Marketing and Human Resource Management. Andrew is from Richmond VA and is passionate about becoming an advertising and brand manager. This job allows him to use the creative side of his brain that I use. His hobbies are singing, rapping, and dancing. He would love to one day work for Google, Marvel, or Chic-Fil-a. He is very excited to learn whatever he can from my experiences and SHRM teammates as well as learning as much as he can about the different digital media programs which he will be using during his time as Chair of Digital Media.

Chair of Recruitment

Drew Overholt

Joshua Hartle

Bio: Joshua Hartle is the Chair of Recruitment for SHRM. He is in his senior year here at Liberty. Joshua is a Human Resource major and is new to the SHRM team this year. Joshua is from Pleasant View, CO. His greatest passions are to show the love of Christ to people! He enjoys not only enjoy getting to know others, but also value investing into their life and being a blessing to them. He enjoys working out, spending time with friends, and discovering new types of food. After graduation, he wishes to pursue a career as a police officer. While serving in this capacity, he wants to volunteer in a church youth group, as well as a ministry organization within my community that services a soup kitchen, youth program, college ministry, or orphanage.                                               

Director of Marketing

David Moline

Courteney Martin

Bio: Courteney is the Director for Marketing for the SHRM chapter. She is in her junior year at Liberty. Courteney is a Human Resources and Marketing double major. This is her second year on the executive team. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Her passions are playing soccer, traveling, drinking coffee, hanging with friends, and going adventuring. After graduation Courteney plans to pursue a career in Marketing or HR in another country. Courteney is looking forward to getting to educate her peers on how Human Resources applies to every major and helping others prepare more for post-graduation.

Chair of Event Management

Adam Miller

Hannah Mitchell

Bio: Hannah is the Chair of Event Management for SHRM. She is majoring in Business Administration with a focus on Project Management. This is her senior year at Liberty. This is her first year on the executive team for SHRM. Her passions include her Etsy shop called Monogram It, Darling!, volleyball, and coffee-drinking. Hannah’s hometown is Raleigh, N.C. Hannah plans to go to graduate school at NC State and major in Entrepreneurship and Technology commercialization. Her dream is to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company and start a business overseas that provides jobs for the impoverished to minister to others and spread the love of Jesus through my business. She is excited to get experience in the Human Resource Field, helping others maximize their potential for their future jobs and planning lots of events.

Director of Membership

Carrie-Jean Jicking

Bio: Carrie-Jean Jicking is the Director of Membership for the SHRM chapter. She is currently getting her Master’s in Business Administration in Human Resources. Carrie plays on the women’s Division 1 Hockey team. She is from Provost, Alberta, Canada. Her future goals entail a fulfilling career in HR while still being able to play some level of competitive hockey or to begin my career in coaching hockey as well. 


Faculty Advisor

Eric Richardson

Dr. Eric Richardson


School of Business DH 1066

(434) 592-6946