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Executive Council



Megan Howard

Major: Human Resource Management


Job Description: The President is responsible for leading the executive team and LU SHRM in congruence with the organizational mission. The President must lead by example, working closely with the Advisor and the Vice President to plan meetings and activities. The President must also work closely with the executive team to ensure everyone understands his or her respective tasks and duties, helping each to reach his or her full potential. The President will coordinate and receive approval for all chapter activities and decisions through the Faculty Advisor.

Bio: I am a senior Business major with a concentration in Human Resource Management. I am very excited to get into the world of Human Resources and have a goal to obtain my Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and eventually Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) certification. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends, traveling, reading and baking. 

Vice President


Katelynn Carpenter

Major: Human Resource Management

Job Description: The Vice President works with the President to accomplish tasks, duties and responsibilities. The Vice President is in charge of completing and submitting the Merit Award, with help from the Chair of the Merit Award. The Vice President needs to be responsible for taking the President’s position in event of an emergency or in the event the President resigns or is terminated.

Bio: I like to be called Katie and I'm from Reading, PA.  I'm a senior Human Resources major with a Western Legal Traditions minor. I ride on the Liberty University Equestrian Team. My goal is to go to law school and become a corporate lawyer specializing in employment law or labor negotiations. Besides school and riding, I enjoy reading, traveling, and being a cat lady.



Faith Jackson

Major: Human Resource Management
Minor: Sociology

Job Description: The Secretary is in charge of overseeing all communication between the Executive Council, general members, professionals, and guests. This includes taking accurate minutes at all meetings and communicating via email, phone, or other necessary media to the Executive Council, general members, professionals, and guests regarding upcoming events and announcements.

Bio: I am currently a senior in majoring in Human Resource Management with a minor in Sociology. During the summer I live in Savannah, GA where I spend my time volunteering with the Red Cross and traveling in my spare time. 

Director of Finance


Joshua Gummo

Major: Business Administration, specializing in Management, Finance, and Financial Planning

Job Description: The Director of Finance is responsible for managing the chapter’s funds through maintaining the approved budget for all LU SHRM activities. The Director of Finance will also oversee the Chair of Fundraising.

Bio: I am a business major here at Liberty with a specialization in Management, Finance, and Financial Planning.  As a senior I am looking to get into the financial field after graduation so that I can one day get my CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification.  I have enjoyed my past three years at Liberty getting to know many of my professor and fellow classmates.  Outside of my school work, I serve with the 12:30 service at Brentwood church, am apart of College Life at Brentwood, am very active within the School of Business, play several intramural sports, and enjoy quality time with my friends.  I am excited to serve the Liberty SHRM chapter as Director of Finance in the year ahead.

Director of Marketing


Zacchaeus Carouthers

Major: Human Resource Management

Job Description: The Director of Marketing is responsible for the development and implementation of a strategic marketing plan to include all promotional materials necessary to successfully execute the plan.

Bio: My name is Zacchaeus (Like the little guy Jesus saw in the Sycamore tree) Carouthers and I am a senior marketing major here at Liberty University. I'm a native of Durham, North Carolina and I love spending time there when I am away from school. I love sports! Huge Dallas Maverick and Carolina Panther fan. I hope the experience I gain from serving as Director of Marketing will help me land my dream job of doing sports marketing for a college or professional team.

Director of Information Technology


Kevin Lusignea

Major: Human Resource Management

Job Description: The Director of Information Technology is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the LU SHRM website and all vehicles of social media communication. The Director of Information Technology will work closely with the President and Director of Marketing to ensure technology is used to communicate the image, brand and message of LU SHRM.

Bio: My name is Kevin Lusignea, I’m a senior Human Resource major. I was born and raised in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, just an hour north of Philadelphia. When I go home I love being able to spend time with my family, and practice martial arts. I’ve been training in an art called Sa-Gi-Do with my younger brother for a little over 9 years now and have achieved my second degree black belt. Other than martial arts, I have played soccer all of my life and I have been on several backpacking trips in Pennsylvania, Wyoming, and Canada. I’m looking forward to this upcoming year and what God has in-store for us! 

Faculty Advisor


Dr. David Calland


Office: School of Business DH 1031

Number(434) 592-6143