Life Cycle Management

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The Lifecycle Management program facilitates a centralized, annual replacement of aging desktop and laptop computers in use by University faculty and staff.

Instead of individual departments spending numerous hours attempting to determine what needs to be replaced each year and often over or under-purchasing, the University has moved to a regular refresh cycle that will ensure that all faculty and staff receive new equipment over regular intervals of time. Departments will no longer be expected to budget for and replace their laptops and desktops. Instead, this task will be handled by Information Services at no cost to departments.

This change provides assurance that all faculty and staff have adequate equipment to perform their jobs. In addition, it brings the University significant overall savings in equipment costs due to the University being able to purchase large bulk amounts of equipment instead of multiple small orders by individual departments. In addition, it provides Information Technology with a more standardized equipment base which creates additional opportunities for support process enhancements that enable employees to stay up and running more often.

Services provided by Life Cycle Management