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Campus Praise
Daily @ 1am, Weekdays @ 6pm and Sunday @ 12:30pm ET
This sing-along styled program will lift your spirits as many of the Liberty University Campus musical groups lead you in praise and worship. The words are right on your screen, so join them in singing praises to our God.

Thomas Road LIVE!
LIVE! Sunday @ 11:00am ET and Sunday @ 3:00pm ET
Join in the Live Worship Service from Thomas Road Baptist Church, with an inspiring message from Pastor Jonathan Falwell.

Pastor's Bible Class
LIVE! Sunday @ 10:00am ET LIVE
Dr. Elmer Towns teaches from God's Word to the members of the Pastor's Bible Class of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Wednesday Nights
Wednesday @ 7:30pm LIVE and Sunday @ 8:30am ET
Wednesday Nights is part of Liberty University’s Campus Church, which is tuning a diverse community to the heart of God. Join us as students who are preparing to be educators and visionaries, preachers and pilots, lawyers and missionaries, nurses, moms and businesspersons discover the answers to their deepest questions – discovering who is God, really. This is a church for the rest of us.…and everyone is welcome. There’s no dress code or dry sermons. Skeptics and critics are our guests of honor. Each week thousands of students from dozens of campuses gather under one roof. No facades, just honest faith…real people.

A Legacy of Faith
Weekdays @ 9:30am and Sunday @ 8am ET
People have used many wonderful words to describe who Jerry Falwell was, but the one phrase that best exemplifies the essences of the man, was that he was a man of dynamic faith.  In this new program, Jerry Falwell:  A Legacy of Faith, you will again have the opportunity to be blessed and encouraged by the faith of this great man.  Join us each week as we bring you a new program from our vast library of sermons that will teach you again how to live by faith; how to live in the midst of storms; how to tap into the power of God; and how to have true success and never, ever quit. There is perhaps no better way to remember this great man of faith than by using his life and message to exhort others to build their faith as well.

Daily @ 2:30am and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday @ 7:30pm ET
Lynchburg, Virginia 24502 is the birthplace of the world's largest Christian University, Liberty University. Join us during this half hour show as we listen to influential speakers whose words have touched the entire student body, and revisit awesome moments that have happened on this amazing campus.
Pulpit Classics
Weekdays @ 5:00am and 10:00pm, Sunday @ 7am and 10pm ET
Programs from the archive vault of the Old Time Gospel Hour. Giants of the faith who visited Thomas Road Baptist Church and filled the pulpit with the fire of the Gospel. Hear classic gospel music from yesteryear. Join us each week for Old-Time Gospel Hour Pulpit Classics on the LIBERTY CHANNEL.

Live From Liberty
Weekdays @ 10:00am and 11:00pm, Sunday @ 8:00am, and Saturday @ 5:00pm ET
This nationally-televised program, "Live from Liberty," will be broadcast in a one-hour format, and will originate from the 4,421-acre Liberty Mountain campus of Liberty University. Our goal is to use this program to introduce the "world's most exciting university" and its students to the American people.

Great Truth's from God's Word with Dr. Harold Wilmington
Weekdays @ 6am ET
Dr. Harold Willmington, "Mr. Bible," takes you on a journey through the Bible teaching on subjects such as What the Bible says about: God the Father, Satan, Angels, Jesus Christ, Man, Prophecy, and many other topics.